Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1173 - Then I'll be married to you

Chapter 1173: Then I’ll be married to you

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“What… what about female clothes? Brother Ye, you promised me! If I won Best Actor, you’d not only let me see Little Candied Plum, but you said you’d also wear female clothes!”

Fei Yang clucked his tongue. “Director Ye, you aren’t really wearing them, right?”

Ye Bai in female clothes?

Actually… I quite look forward to it…

Ye Bai’s androgynous and outrageously good looks… If he was a woman… tut, he’d definitely be a super gorgeous beauty, right?

However, what man is willing to dress as a woman?

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan to answer, Ye Mufan already blurted out with a dark expression, “I forbid it.”

Gong Xu had been on bad terms with Ye Mufan for a long time, so he instantly turned angry. “Why?! Brother Ye promised me! Who are you to Brother Ye? What right do you have to forbid it?!”

Ye Mufan was nearly angered to death. “I’m his f*cking…” … brother!

“Enough, stop arguing.” Ye Wanwan glanced at them and calmly said, “I did promise him.”

Gong Xu cheered and fluttered over like a butterfly. “Ah, Brother Ye, I love you to death! Marry me!”

“No thanks, I’m not interested.”

“Then I’ll be married to you!”

Ye Wanwan: “…” Where’s your integrity?!

Ye Mufan wanted to beat that punk up in his rage. He was about to say something when a phone rang.

It was Fei Yang’s phone.

The person on the other end said something, causing Fei Yang’s brows to raise. He revealed a mocking smile and courteously said, “Ah, thank you, thank you. Thank you for the president’s invitation. It’s just… I’m not sure if we have time to go. Let me ask our boss first…”

After Fei Yang hung up, Ye Mufan looked at him with a frown. “Who called?”

Fei Yang smiled. “Old Chen!”

Ye Mufan asked, “The president of the Film Association, Chen Yanfeng?”

Fei Yang nodded. “That’s right. You didn’t answer his call?”

Ye Mufan rolled his eyes. “Because my phone is flooded with calls.”

Ever since the award ceremony finished, his phone hadn’t stopped ringing.

Fei Yang coughed. “Ahem, oh right.”

“Why did Chen Yanfeng call?” Ye Mufan asked.

“Heh. Old Chen called to personally invite us to attend the Golden Orchid Awards banquet!”

Ye Mufan snorted. “Banquets invite people last minute?”

Fei Yang shrugged. “Evidently, either Emperor Sky Entertainment or Worldwide Entertainment, perhaps even both of them, gave them instructions, so the banquet intentionally excluded our company. And now… well, you know…”

Ye Mufan naturally knew.

He had experienced too much of human nature’s fickleness these past few years.

It was clearly a banquet that invited all of the guests but intentionally excluded their company. He previously foolishly asked them and ended up being ridiculed by a minor employee.

Now that their company monopolized both Best Actor and Best Actress, how could the organizers dare to not invite them? Hence, the organizers contacted them in haste.

Otherwise, what kind of Golden Orchid Awards banquet would it be without the Best Actor and Best Actress present?

Fei Yang looked at Ye Mufan and asked, “So, boss, should we go or not?”

Ye Mufan’s face was solemn as he looked at Ye Wanwan disapprovingly. “Should we go?”

When Fei Yang saw this, his brows raised. Was it his imagination? It was Ye Mufan who was clearly the biggest boss, but he asked Ye Bai each time there was an important problem. Strictly speaking, he was “seeking permission” from Ye Bai with a particularly kiss-up attitude.

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