Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1172 - Will let you see tonight

Chapter 1172: Will let you see tonight

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Jiang Yanran pondered over it. Technically speaking, she agreed to follow Wanwan back in her third year of senior high.

Hence, she answered, “When I was in senior high…”

She was earlier than even Luo Chen…

Gong Xu felt like lightning struck across his clear sky. “Sh*t! Senior high?! Weren’t you still a minor?!”

Then, he bitterly and achingly turned to Ye Wanwan and looked at her like she was an unfaithful traitor. “Brother Ye, how could you do that?!”

Ye Wanwan exasperatedly said, “Enough, stop fooling around. Although Yanran started following me earlier, she debuted later. She’s still a little junior sister, so you need to act more like a senior brother.”

Gong Xu felt like his shattered heart was crumbling into powder.

Brother Ye has a new lover, I’m going to lose Brother Ye’s favor…

Fei Yang glanced at Gong Xu with raised brows and leaned close to Han Xianyu to quietly roast, “Xianyu, say, what’s up with Gong Xu’s strange reaction? Shouldn’t he be happy about the new arrival of such a pretty little junior sister? Why does he look at her like she’s a love rival?! If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought he had a romantic thing going on with Ye Bai!”

Han Xianyu turned to look at Fei Yang with furrowed brows, “Brother Yang, don’t be absurd.”

When Fei Yang met Han Xianyu’s eyes, he started. I was just joking around! Why does Xianyu look so serious?

Detecting Han Xianyu’s displeasure, Fei Yang chuckled and said, “Just kidding, just kidding!”

Why do I feel like Gong Xu wasn’t the only one who reacted strangely?

Fei Yang brushed away the torrent of thoughts in his mind. “Oh, right, let’s head to the celebration banquet! We won’t leave until we’re drunk tonight! I’ve already reserved a room!”

From the front passenger seat, Ye Mufan glanced dryly at Fei Yang. “What did you just say?”

Fei Yang was perplexed. “Let’s go to the celebration banquet…? What about it?”

“Not this sentence.”

“Huh? Not this sentence? Then… ‘we won’t leave until we’re drunk’?” Fei Yang was briefly startled before he promptly reacted. “Except for Director Ye!!!”

Han Xianyu chuckled. “I already told the waiter to prepare juice.”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Am I really that frightening?

Now that Ye Wanwan was finally free, she quickly sent a Si Yehan a message to report the good news and specifically added: [Don’t worry, I won’t drink no matter how happy I am!]

It wasn’t like she could drink even if she wanted to anyway?

They were keeping a very close watch on her…

“W-wait! Hold on!” Inside the car, Gong Xu suddenly shouted, “I won Best Actor?! Did I win Best Actor?”

Fei Yang looked darkly at his unhinged appearance. “How the heck did you win Best Actor with that intellect of yours???”

“Go away! What use is intellect? Can I eat it? Brother Ye said I just need to look pretty!”

Gong Xu ignored Fei Yang and turned to look at Ye Wanwan, his eyes blazing up like a roaring flame. “Brother Ye, I won Best Actor! Best Actor!”

Ye Wanwan feigned ignorance. “And?”

Gong Xu turned fretful. “Brother Ye, are you going back on your word? My Candied Plum! Where’s my Little Candied Plum?! Hurry! Hurry and call her!”

Ye Wanwan nonchalantly said, “What are you so anxious about? I’ll definitely let you see her tonight.”

I’ll see her tonight…

I’ll be able to see Little Candied Plum tonight!!!

Gong Xu felt like he was dreaming. He instantly tossed aside his thoughts about Little Junior Sister and large grassland to the back of his mind.

Right, there’s a more important matter…

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