Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1171 - Changed something rotten into something magical

Chapter 1171: Changed something rotten into something magical

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[I’ve already watched A Life and Death Struggle twice! It’s truly excellent and Luo Chen and Gong Xu are both superb in it. Too bad there are so little showings and the haters and internet navy keep defaming it. I can finally hold my head high now!]

[Agreed, the netizen above me! However, why do I feel sad that I can’t watch Luo Chen and Gong Xu livestream themselves eating sh*t…]

Fei Yang and Yao Jiawen, who were waiting outside, also learned about the results.

Both of them were very excited and rushed to help the assistants and bodyguards escort Ye Wanwan and the others into the minibus.

The minibus was very spacious, so everyone could sit inside.

Fei Yang’s face was flushed red from excitement. “D*mn, Gong Xu, good job! Luo Chen is fine, but you actually won Best Actor! The entire entertainment industry is in an uproar!”

“Hmph! You wanted to see me livestream myself eating sh*t? Keep dreaming!” Gong Xu spoke with a gloating tone, and his tail nearly touched the sky from how high it was swinging.

Fei Yang looked at Ye Wanwan with amazement. “Director Ye, you’ve changed something rotten into something magical! I bow at your feet!”

Gong Xu was instantly displeased. “Hey hey hey, watch your words! Who are calling rotten?! Haven’t you seen what the internet is saying? I’m just a pearl that was covered by dust! Haven’t you gone to school?”

Fei Yang rolled his eyes at Gong Xu and ignored him. He excitedly looked at the girl sitting next to Ye Wanwan. “Ye Bai, your eyes are so d*mn sharp! Where did you poach this sister? Why didn’t I notice?!”

“You have no idea how our manager group chat exploded when the winner was announced! Nearly all the golden managers were planning to poach her! Even I was tempted and was wondering if I could find a way to poach her since I thought our agency didn’t have any female artists yet!”

“But then she gave her acceptance speech and revealed you were her manager! I was dumbstruck!”

Ye Wanwan listened to Fei Yang’s gushing before she explained with a smile, “Our company’s situation wasn’t too bright before and Worldwide and Emperor Sky were both suppressing us. I was afraid Yanran would run into trouble, so I didn’t sign her officially.”

Fei Yang nodded with understanding. “I see!”

Jiang Yanran nervously introduced herself to everyone. “Hello, everyone. I’m Jiang Yanran. Please take care of me from now on!”

“Hello, hello! Don’t worry, everyone is easygoing here. No need to be nervous!” Fei Yang enthusiastically said.

“Hello, I’m Director Ye’s assistant, Yao Jiawen.”

“Hello!” Luo Chen nodded.

Han Xianyu lightly chuckled. “So you’re the Yanran who Ye Bai frequently mentions. Hello. Welcome to Age of the Immortals!”

Jiang Yanran blushed. “Hello, senior! I… I’ve always been your fan…”

Even though… she climbed the wall not long ago…

Jiang Yanran turned to Gong Xu. “Hello, Senior Gong Xu!”

Ye Wanwan was sitting in the middle with Jiang Yanran and Gong Xu on each side.

Gong Xu had been emitting a green light for a while now. He kept a stern expression and didn’t respond even when Jiang Yanran greeted him.

Upon seeing this, Ye Wanwan inconspicuously sent him a warning glance.

He glared at me! He’s glaring at me on his new lover’s behalf!

Gong Xu instantly felt his heart crumbling into smithereens. He gave Jiang Yanran a side-glance and harrumphed. “Good that you know I’m your senior. You’re the newest here, so you should know the rules…”

Gong Xu was about to position himself as the legitimate wife when Ye Wanwan interrupted him, “She came earlier than you.”

“What? Earlier than me? Impossible!” Gong Xu stared intently at Jiang Yanran and asked, “When did you start following Brother Ye? How could you possibly have started earlier than me?! Why didn’t I know this?”

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