Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1170 - Age of the Immortals!

Chapter 1170: Age of the Immortals!

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“Exactly as you said… Oh right, what’s up with Han Xianyu?” another person asked.

The Worldwide artist who talked earlier said mysteriously, “There’s no way you’d know! However, I have insider information!”

“What insider information? Quickly tell us! Quick!” everyone pressed.

“Heh, do you know who covertly resolved Han Xianyu’s pedophilia scandal?”

“Who? D*mn… d*mn it… it can’t possibly be…”

“That’s right. It was Ye Bai!”

“Are you sure? How do you know?”

“I already said it’s insider information! All the senior management at Worldwide knew about this back then. It’s just that Chu Hongguang wanted to keep his pride, so he didn’t allow anyone to tell others. Think about it, such a giant scandal, even his own public relations couldn’t do anything. He ended up having to rely on an outsider to resolve it. How shameful would it be if word got out? I heard it was through the resolution of this scandal that Ye Bai became valued by Chu Hongguang…”

“Everything makes sense then! No wonder Han Xianyu didn’t hesitate to offend Worldwide, terminate his contract, and leave with a minor manager!”

“I admit defeat! Does this Ye Bai possess magical powers or something?”

“All I want to know right now is how Chu Hongguang feels at the moment…”

“Haha! I saw that his face was livid with anger!”

Following the announcement of the winner of Best Actress, the Golden Orchid Awards’ award ceremony came to a perfect end.

In contrast to the lack of interest from everyone when they arrived, Ye Wanwan’s group was surrounded by celebrities and guests who came to curry favor with them.

Jiang Yanran spoke briefly with Director Peng before leaving with Ye Wanwan and her group.

As soon as they walked outside, they were encircled by a sea of reporters and blinding camera flashes.

When everyone looked at this nearly blinding lineup, this group’s company’s name involuntarily surfaced in their minds—Age of the Immortals.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night. Nearly every media outlet was working overtime.

At the editorial department of VIVI :

The editor in chief, Chai Yongli, contemplatively said, “This youth, Ye Bai, is truly fearsome. I’ve thought he was extraordinary from the start…”

The photographer, Xiao Yutong, watched the man surrounded by the media during the live broadcast on TV, and a reminiscent expression appeared on her face. “I still remember what Director Ye said to me during VIVI’s most difficult period. It was this sentence that supported me for a long time…”

“What did he say?” Chai Yongli asked.

“He said, ‘If the entire world is your enemy, then become so strong that even the world can’t stop your footsteps’…”

After the award ceremony ended, the results for each award category were announced on the internet.

The photos from the venue were also immediately posted onto the internet by all the major media outlets.

“One of the Entertainment Industry’s Ten Miracles: Gong Xu Really Won Best Actor!”

“The First Time in the History of the Golden Orchid Awards: The Birth of Double Best Actor!”

“Shocking News! The Mysterious Manager Behind the Newly Crowned Best Actress!”

“Wild Monopolization of Double Best Actor and Best Actress! Tonight Belongs to Age of the Immortals!”

“The Legendary Heavenly Group of Breathtaking Beauties!”

Headlines like that rapidly spread throughout the entire internet.

The Weibo post that Luo Chen posted before also got boosted to “What’s Hot,” and a bunch of clamoring comments could be seen below it.

[Ahhhh! I’m too emotional! Luo Chen actually intentionally @ed Gong Xu! This is an official distribution of candy!]

[Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s relationship is really good! It’s much better than those superficial and artificial brotherhoods in the entertainment industry!]

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