Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1169 - Can't you see my head has turned green?

Chapter 1169: Can’t you see my head has turned green?

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Ye Wanwan embraced the girl. “Congratulations! No need to thank me, you’ve been wonderful from the start…”

All the cameramen at the venue instantly aimed their cameras to capture the newly crowned Best Actress embracing her legendary manager.

Thunderous applause exploded after a shock swept through the crowd.

All the agencies who were just planning to poach Jiang Yanren were now completely dumbfounded.

The newly crowned Best Actress with an unlimited future already “belonged” to someone.

No one expected that the biggest headline of tonight wasn’t Best Actor or Best Actress. It was actually a manager!

A manager who debuted merely a year ago yet already produced two Best Actors and one Best Actress…

As for the Age of the Immortals, only Ye Mufan knew about Jiang Yanran. No one else knew Jiang Yanran was under Ye Wanwan.

However, Han Xianyu still looked fairly calm. To him, no matter how astonishing something was, he could take it in stride if it happened to Ye Bai.

As for Luo Chen and Gong Xu, Luo Chen was shocked while Gong Xu had a more comical expression.

Gong Xu was staring at Ye Bai and the newly crowned Best Actress while he dazedly told Luo Chen, “Fool… look at me…”

Luo Chen looked at Gong Xu with incomprehension.

Gong Xu asked, “Tell me what’s different about me.”

“Different?” Luo Chen echoed with furrowed brows.

Gong Xu was about to break down. “I’m green! I’ve turned green! Can’t you see it?! Can’t you see that the grassland above my head is enough to raise an entire Mongolian tribe? Brother Ye actually lied to me! He really was having an affair behind my back!”


Below the stage, in places unseen by the camera, countless people were discussing this legendary manager.

“What’s Ye Bai’s background? How come I’ve never heard of this person before?” a certain female super A-lister asked with interest.

In contrast to those golden managers who’d already become famous and were managing super A-listers, Ye Bai wasn’t a familiar name to some people.

Now though, this person managed to produce two Best Actors and one Best Actress in a single night. No one could overlook his existence anymore.

In the audience, a knowledgeable celebrity from Worldwide quickly answered, “Ye Bai was originally working for Worldwide. After Chairman Chu transferred him to Dazzling Media, he made Luo Chen popular all by himself and poached Gong Xu from Zhou Wenbin, thoroughly taming Gong Xu. After Ye Bai took over Dazzling Media, Dazzling Media’s performance steadily climbed…”

“He worked for Chu Hongguang? Then how come I heard he went to Age of the Immortals later and even took away Luo Chen and Gong Xu…?” someone asked.

An artist under Dazzling Media glanced in Chu Hongguang’s direction and pointedly said, “It’s only because Chairman Chu saw that Dazzling was earning more and more money, so he wanted to insert his own people in the company and transferred Cai Yongsheng there.”

“As soon as Cai Yongsheng entered the company, he set up obstructions for Ye Bai everywhere he could. He used Gong Xu and Luo Chen to bring popularity to his own artist, even used them to create rumors and used them as stepping stones. He forced Ye Bai to leave…”

Everyone liked to listen to gossip, so they all excitedly pressed, “And then?”

“And then you know the rest of the story. Luo Chen and Gong Xu are staunchly loyal. They ignored Cai Yongsheng’s threat about boycotting them and left with Ye Bai!”

“Tut tut, good thing they left with Ye Bai!” someone commented.

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