Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1168 - An utter freak

Chapter 1168: An utter freak

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Someone exclaimed in the silent crowd, disturbing the silence and eliciting a rumble of uproar.

“Jiang Yanran already has a manager? And her manager is Ye Bai?”

“Ye Bai… Isn’t Ye Bai Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s manager?”

“Sh*t! Producing two Best Actors is frightening enough already! Then without giving us time to recover, he gives us a Best Actress! This Ye Bai! Is he a freak?!”

“Isn’t this too frightening?!”

Meanwhile, Chu Hongguang sat stiffly like a statue in his seat. “What… what did that girl just s-say?”

Xiang Jie was also shocked out of his mind. When he heard Chu Hongguang, he quickly regained his senses and wiped his sweat. He gulped and looked at Chu Hongguang’s deathly pale face as though he’d lost too much blood. He answered cautiously, “Ji-jiang Yanran just said… her manager… is Ye Bai… She… Jiang Yanran already has a manager…”

“Ye Bai?”


Chu Hongguang’s face went from ashen to the color of liver. He shakily clutched his chest and couldn’t utter a single word…

Xiang Jie jumped in fright. “Chairman Chu! Chairman Chu, are you alright?”

Chu Hongguang shakily searched his body.

Xiang Jie quickly dug out a small bottle of heart-saving pills from Chu Hongguang’s body and fed them to him.

Only then did Chu Hongguang raggedly recover, but his face still resembled a corpse’s…

In the next second, Chu Hongguang’s eyes shot toward Cai Yongsheng like ice daggers.

Upon receiving his uncle’s murderous and flaying gaze, Cai Yongsheng didn’t dare to boast and cowered in his seat.

This… this is really f*cking cursed!

Is Ye Bai, that bastard, still human?

D*mn it… If I had known… I would’ve treated Ye Bai better before… and wouldn’t have made things so ugly…

Chu Hongguang had a chest of fury without anywhere to vent. He felt like he could see his tragic future…

“Ahem… um… um… u-um…”

On the other side, the vice president of Emperor Sky Entertainment, Tan Wei, was also embarrassed. He evidently never expected this result…

This was a worse result than having Jiang Yanren stolen by Worldwide…

He had no idea where their news went wrong. Jiang Yanran had a manager already.

And her manager was Ye Bai from Age of the Immortals, who worked under Ye Mufan…

He was Ye Shao’an and Ye Yiyi’s confidant, so he naturally knew Ye Mufan was slowly threatening Ye Yiyi and Ye Shao’an’s inheritance status in the Ye family.

The results of this year’s Golden Orchid Awards even represented Grandfather Ye’s decision…

They were f*cked this time…

“Miss Yiyi… um…” Tan Wei had no idea what to say after even half a day.

Ye Yiyi’s nails dug into her palms as she stared intently at Ye Mufan and Ye Bai.

If there weren’t cameras around her, she would’ve probably slammed her phone onto the ground and left on the spot.

Under everyone’s shocked and almost numb gazes, Jiang Yanran held her trophy and slowly walked down the stage, heading toward Ye Wanwan.

Ye Mufan tactfully yielded his seat, and Han Xianyu also stood up to yield his spot while clapping.

Ye Wanwan stood up and opened her arms with a faint smile while looking at Jiang Yanran.

Jiang Yanran couldn’t hold back the tears rolling down her face. “Actually, I’ve always… I’ve always really wanted to say this to you… Thank you…”

Thank you, Wanwan.

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