Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1167 - Shock to the whole audience

Chapter 1167: Shock to the whole audience

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Whispering erupted below the stage at Jiang Yanran’s words.

Was Jiang Yanran about to thank a certain senior or teacher in the industry?

They knew it! There must be a master behind a novice for a novice to win Best Actress!

Director Peng’s audition alone wasn’t an easy obstacle to overcome…

Director Peng spent more than half a year just to find a female lead; his strictness sent chills down people’s backs.

Countless big names hadn’t successfully auditioned for the role in Jasmine, but a novice like Jiang Yanran succeeded. Who would believe that no one gave Jiang Yanran pointers and helped pave the way?

Everyone curiously looked at Jiang Yanran, wanting to discover the person acting behind Jiang Yanran.

“They’re my… best friend. They’re also my benefactor and my teacher.”

“They gave me two lives. They rescued me out of the mud pits the first time, and they granted me my dream the second time…”

“I’ve always felt that I was luckier than everyone. Because they were by my side, I avoided a lot of detours. They gave me confidence. They told me that I was more suited to act than perform behind-the-scenes work. They taught me all the techniques behind acting and told me to concentrate on learning and solidifying my foundations.”

“This time, it was also them who kept encouraging me to audition for Director Peng’s Jasmine . They told me that this role was very suited for me and gave me the courage to take the first step.”

“They stayed up late to thoroughly study the screenplay. They practiced with me, accompanied me to the audition, and answered all of my questions…”

As Ye Wanwan listened to Jiang Yanran’s every word, her expression was gentler than it had ever been.

The host finally couldn’t help but ask the question on everyone’s minds: “It appears that the person you want to thank has a very important impact on your life, Yanran? They were even the one who chose Director Peng’s film for you?”

“That’s right. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them.”

“May I ask who you’re speaking of, Yanran?”

Jiang Yanran’s eyes were glistening with tears as she looked in Ye Wanwan’s direction. “I’ve never mentioned their name before today because I didn’t feel worthy. But now, I can finally…”

“I can finally stand on this stage today with this award in my hand and tell everyone…”

Under everyone’s fervent gazes, Jiang Yanran shakily said, “They’re my manager, Ye Bai!”

They’re my manager, Ye Bai…

Ye Bai—

Jiang Yanran’s words reverberated in the hall through the speakers!

On the stage, the beautiful girl looked at the audience emotionally with glistening tears.

The cameraman paused briefly before he swiftly reacted and promptly cut the camera toward Ye Bai.

The entire ceremony hall was dead silent for a few seconds.

Then the celebrities and guests present all stood up due to excessive shock, not caring for their image. They all turned to look at a certain row behind them…

Ye Bai?

Jiang Yanran actually has a manager already? And her manager is actually Ye Bai?!

The former vice president of Dazzling Media, the current director of the Talent Recruitment Department of Age of the Immortals, Ye Bai?!

The manager of the two actors who just went onto the stage to accept the Best Actor Award, Ye Bai?

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