Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1166 - Especially thank one person

Chapter 1166: Especially thank one person

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Xiang Jie answered, “Alright, Chairman Chu, I understand! I’ll definitely complete this task to the best of my abilities!”

Chu Hongguang worriedly added, “Regardless of the price Emperor Sky offers, suppress them however you wish! Do this as soon as the award ceremony ends!”


Upon overhearing the conversation between Chu Hongguang and Xiang Jie, Cai Yongsheng inwardly rubbed his hands and said, “Uncle, how about you let me take care of this? I’ll definitely do a good job!”

Chu Hongguang quietly shouted, “Shut up! If you dare to interfere in this matter, leave the company! You useless piece of trash!”

Cai Yongsheng looked aggrieved. “How… how am I trash… at least I won a Best Novice…”

“You have the nerve to mention that?!” Chu Hongguang was nearly angered to death.

Xiang Jie stayed silent and tried his best to minimize his presence, unwilling to interfere with their argument.

However, he was rather sympathetic toward Chu Hongguang. It was Chu Hongguang who personally made an exception and hired Ye Bai back then.

Although he did do it to control Zhou Wenbin in the beginning, Ye Bai was an unexpectedly rare talented individual and led Dazzling Media to great heights.

Talented individuals were too important to a company, let alone a genius-level talent like Ye Bai.

He watched his own nephew forcing away Ye Bai and then helplessly watched Ye Bai turn things around completely and produce two Best Actors while under the suppression of both Emperor Sky Entertainment and Worldwide Entertainment…

If he hadn’t forced away Ye Bai back then, all these benefits would be Worldwide’s…

Ahem, if I were Chu Hongguang, I’d also turn crazy from anger…

Below the stage, all the guests, artists, and agency higher-ups fervently looked at the girl on the stage.

Countless agencies were already prepared to fight for her…

Jiang Yanran was wearing a red gown that Ye Wanwan chose for her. She resembled a budding flower who was slowly unleashing her radiance.

“We’ll now invite our newly crowned Best Actress to give us an acceptance speech! If you please, Miss Jiang Yanran!” The host politely handed the microphone to Jiang Yanran.

“Thank you.” It was Jiang Yanran’s first time experiencing this kind of situation, so being nervous was unavoidable. Her hand was shaking as she held the microphone.

Underneath the stage, Ye Wanwan’s eyes shot past the crowd and landed on the girl with a singular focus.

As Ye Wanwan recalled Jiang Yanran’s fate in her previous life, her heart was full of warmth as she watched the glowing girl.

She warmed other people but also warmed herself.

Jiang Yanran’s eyes reddened faintly as she looked at Ye Wanwan in the audience.

Jiang Yanran first bent down to give a deep bow. Then she took a deep breath before she looked up and spoke into the microphone.

“First of all, thank you to the evaluation committee and organizers for presenting me with this kind of opportunity. I must also thank Director Peng for trusting me and giving me this role. Thank you to all my companions in the cast and crew and your hard work over the last several months…”

Wild applause rang underneath the stage.

Jiang Yanran chose the most secure type of opening by thanking everyone.

Then Jiang Yanran paused briefly before she resolutely continued, “In addition to this, I also need to thank one person especially.”

Typically, when artists mentioned they needed to give special thanks to a person during their acceptance speech, there was either gossip or something worthy of discussion.

Hence, everyone waited for Jiang Yanran to continue with interest and anticipation.

Jiang Yanran’s eyes were brimming with gratefulness and warmth. “If it wasn’t for her, Jiang Yanran wouldn’t be standing here today.”

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