Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1165 - Intense fight

Chapter 1165: Intense fight

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Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Jiang Yanran.

There was a lot of admiration and jealousy from other celebrities in the mix.

Her debut film was the work of Director Peng Yuanhu, and she even won Golden Orchid Award for Best Actress.

Such a high starting point and so young. Plus, her innate ability and appearance were both outstanding. Her future ahead was bright.

How many people had to spend five years, a decade, or perhaps even several decades before they reached this height? How many agencies spent an innumerable amount of energy and resources to build a film star like her? Yet, she easily obtained all this and entered the entertainment industry with such a radiant halo above her.

Some of the seniors in the entertainment industry had high praise for her…

“Heh, each new generation truly surpasses the previous! Such an outstanding novice is a rare sight in the entertainment industry!”

“She’s truly a one in a thousand good seed! No wonder she was chosen by someone as picky as Director Peng!”

“Jiang Yanran will probably become the second Qiao Yufei in the entertainment industry! Back then, Qiao Yufei also won Best Actress with her first film at the age of 19. Three years later, she advanced onto the international scene and is an incontestable A-lister!”

As Peng Yuanhu listened to the compliments around her, he showed a rare satisfied and praising expression. “This girl is quite decent indeed. Her foundations are very solid, and her perception is very strong, but…”

“But what?” someone asked.

“There’s probably a great teacher coaching this girl behind the scenes!” Peng Yuanhu said pensively.

The person next to her grew interested. “Oh? A great teacher coaching her? Could there possibly be a better teacher than you, Director Peng?”

Peng Yuanhu watched as Jiang Yanran walked onto the stage. “It’s just a guess. That girl is clearly a completely inexperienced novice, but she performs too well. She barely made a single mistake in the past few months with the film crew…”

No matter what, a nearly perfect talent like this with enormous potential and regarded so well by Peng Yuanhu, even gaining a priceless compliment from him, would certainly instigate an intense fight amongst all the agencies.

There were countless other people who wanted to recruit her, just like Ye Yiyi and Tan Wei.

Chu Hongguang was one of them.

As soon as the winner was announced, Chu Hongguang immediately ordered the higher-up from Worldwide Entertainment sitting next to him: “Director Xiang, you must sign this girl before Emperor Sky Entertainment does!”

Xiang Jie, the Director of the Talent Recruitment Department at Worldwide Entertainment, answered, “Chairman Chu, I’ve been keeping an eye on Director Peng’s film, so I did some research on Jiang Yanran as soon as I learned about the audition results!”

“And then?” Chu Hongguang promptly asked.

Xiang Jie started, “When I learned that Jiang Yanran was just a normal student and wasn’t signed with an agency, I personally went to talk to her. However, she rejected me.”

“That girl didn’t agree even when we, Worldwide, went to recruit her, so she was probably waiting for the results of the Golden Orchid Awards to come out to ask for a higher price!” Xiang Jie continued.

Chu Hongguang pensively said, “Satisfy her regardless of her asking price!”

Recruiting an already existing talent was much better than spending a large amount of money to support a novice who might not even become popular.

Unless they were the kind of managers with sharp foresight and an extremely strong ability to produce a god, producing a big name artist was harder than ascending to the heavens, especially for an artist that went the talent route…

The name “Ye Bai” suddenly surfaced in Chu Hongguang’s mind, eliciting another wave of pent-up frustration.

Because of an erroneous decision, he now had to expend several times more time and energy to compensate for the loss.

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