Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1164 - Defies the heavens!

Chapter 1164: Defies the heavens!

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Ye Wanwan didn’t answer. She saw Jiang Yanran cautiously turning around to glance at her from the front. She could tell Jiang Yanran was beyond nervous based on her expression.

Ye Wanwan quickly sent her a comforting look. Only then did Jiang Yanran look a little better and turn back around.

Gong Xu felt like Ye Wanwan was casting amorous glances at someone, but when he followed her gaze, he couldn’t find the other person.

Maybe I’m really overthinking things?

D*mn d*mn d*mn! Gong Xu, calm down! You’re straight!

What’s wrong with you?! Why are you suddenly paying so much attention to a man…

“Next, we’ll invite the winner of last year’s Golden Orchid Award for Best Actress, Qiao Kexin, to help us present tonight’s Best Actress Award!” the host announced.

Fervent applause rang below the stage…

“Eh? The guest presenter is Sister Kexin?” As Gong Xu muttered that, he wondered if that was why Brother Ye was paying extra attention to this award.

Brother Ye and Qiao Kexin seemed to have quite an amicable relationship privately. There wasn’t anything romantic between them, right…

Sh*t sh*t sh*t! Why am I back to thinking about Ye Bai again…

Stop it!

“Thank you!” Qiao Kexin walked onto the stage, looking stunning. “Thank you to the Golden Orchid Awards for inviting me! I know everyone must be tired of waiting by now, so I won’t keep you guessing and will directly announce the results!”

It really was Qiao Kexin. She presented the awards more straightforwardly than everyone else. A wave of kind laughter swept through the audience.

After Qiao Kexin said that, she opened the envelope and glanced at a certain spot below the stage as she announced, “The winner of this year’s Golden Orchid Award for Best Actress is… Jasmine ‘s Jiang Yanran!”

Thunderous applause reverberated through the venue the second Qiao Kexin finished speaking.

Everyone could sincerely accept this kind of result from the final film Director Peng Yuanhu directed before he retired.

Moreover, the novice Jiang Yanran performed outstandingly in the film. When the film showed in theaters, it already obtained countless favorable reviews from the industry.

Many agencies were attempting to recruit this extremely talented novice.

Now that Jiang Yanran managed to win Golden Orchid Award for Best Actress with her first film, her net worth would rise as well and her future was bright.

When Ye Yiyi heard this result, her expression was dark.

They didn’t win Best Actor and also lost Best Actress. These were the two most important awards! The other awards were useless no matter how many they won!

Vice President Tan Wei said while wiping his sweat, “Ahem… Director Peng’s film is truly very strong… There’s… there’s also nothing to be done… But at least it wasn’t Worldwide who got it…”

Ye Yiyi’s eyes shifted, and she immediately asked, “What agency is Jiang Yanran under?”

Tan Wei quickly answered, “I was about to address this. I paid attention to this rookie before. She doesn’t have an agency right now, so we can totally poach her!”

Ye Yiyi said with a glower, “We must poach her no matter the price!”

Tan Wei replied, “I’ll arrange it as soon as the award ceremony finishes! Don’t worry! Best Actress will still be ours in the end!”

“Congratulations! Please come up on the stage to accept the award, Miss Jiang Yanran!” the host called.

Jiang Yanran’s eyes were red due to her emotions as she hugged each member of the cast and crew next to her.

Through the crowd, Jiang Yanran distantly met the eyes of Ye Wanwan in the back before slowly walking toward the stage.

“D*mn… how the heck?! Ye Mufan stared at his sister like he was looking at a celestial being.

Two Best Actors and one Best Actress! This girl… she truly defies the heavens…!

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