Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1163 - Why are you paying so much attention to it?

Chapter 1163: Why are you paying so much attention to it?

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This opportunity was once in his pockets!

But he wrecked it with his own hands…

Feng Ke’s current mood could be imagined…

When the assistant director saw Feng Ke’s anguished expression, he clapped Feng Ke’s shoulders and comforted, “Ey, don’t be like this. I heard Old Hou managed to invite them but deleted all of their scenes and didn’t broadcast it! It was Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s first time being on a variety show together after A Life and Death Struggle , but they screwed it up themselves! He’s even stupider than you. Don’t you feel better thinking about that?”

“Feel better my a**! Hurry and help me think of a method! Help me coax them back!!!”

While news of Gong Xu and Luo Chen winning Best Actor together rapidly spread in the outside world, the award ceremony continued in the Golden Orchid Awards venue.

In the audience, the vice president of Emperor Sky Entertainment saw Ye Yiyi’s awful complexion and gently coughed. “Miss Yiyi, Ye Mufan was just lucky this time. You don’t need to worry yet, there’s still a very important award… We already won Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Film. If we win Best Actress as well, we’ll still be the biggest winner this year…”

Ye Yiyi closed her eyes and tried her hardest to suppress the rolling emotions inside. “We absolutely can’t allow anything else to go wrong!”

“The male and female lead in Luoshen’s Legend were both nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress. Since we didn’t win Best Actor, that means our probability of winning Best Actress is very high since the organizers typically won’t allow the same film to dominate too many major categories. It must be because of this that we didn’t get Best Actor. I’ve already made this prediction with you before…” Tan Wei walked through his analysis with confidence.

Tan Wei’s words both comforted Ye Yiyi and gave Pei Heng a way out of this embarrassing situation.

Pei Heng also said, “Based on my experience, Vice President Tan is correct. A lot of organizers for major awards act like that.”

Ye Yiyi’s complexion improved slightly. She took a deep breath and resumed looking towards the stage. However, her expression didn’t relax in the slightest.

Because… the other competitors this year were also very strong…

Luo Chen and Gong Xu were carrying their awards back to their seats, and they were about to reveal Best Actress on the stage.

The winner of the most highly anticipated award tonight, Best Actress Award, was about to be announced!

The host enthusiastically said, “The most exciting moment is finally here! Everyone knows that the competition for this year’s Best Actress Award is the most intense in recent years! Who will obtain the crown for Best Actress? Let’s wait and see! Please look at the screen!”

The introductions of the five nominated films started playing on the big screen:

The Sigh of Wind and Cry of Cranes , its female lead played by Yin Xiaoxuan;

Password , its female lead played by Qiao Chu;

You’ll Never Know , its female lead played by Han Qingling;

Luoshen’s Legend , its female lead played by Le Weiwei;

And Jasmine , its female lead played by Jiang Yanran…

Ye Wanwan focused on the films on the big screen. The competition for this year’s Best Actress was more intense than that of Best Actor, so it really wasn’t that easy to predict.

Gong Xu poked Ye Wanwan’s arm. “Brother Ye! Brother Ye…”

Ye Wanwan continued to stare at the big screen. “Quiet.”

Gong Xu suspiciously mumbled, “They’re announcing Best Actress next… It has nothing to do with our company… Why are you paying so much attention to it?”

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