Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1162 - Brushed past 100 million yuan!

Chapter 1162: Brushed past 100 million yuan!

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When Hou Chongliang saw that the junior assistant didn’t seem to be joking, his expression shifted and he snatched the phone.

On the livestream, the host just happened to invite Gong Xu and Luo Chen to go onto the stage to accept their award…

Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s starpower was extremely powerful today, even through a screen. They were currently standing under the brilliant lights and going through their acceptance speech…

They really won Best Actor!

They even won it together!

Hou Chongliang dazedly said, “The Golden Orchid Awards can have two Best Actors?”

The junior assistant emotionally said, “It’s never happened before! It’s the first time in its history! The netizens have completely exploded! About Gong Xu especially! He went from the most untalented actor in the entertainment industry to winning Best Actor. This leap in skill, along with his Weibo post about eating sh*t if he doesn’t get Best Actor—their talking points are simply off the charts!”

Hou Chongliang stared at the phone screen, his eyes nearly bulging out. “How… how could this be…”

The junior assistant said, “It’s really unbelievable. When I heard these two people’s names, I also jumped in fright. That manager, Ye Bai, is seriously too awesome! Anyway, all the newspaper and news sites tomorrow are going to explode tomorrow…”

Whether it was Cui Mingqian or Pei Heng, neither of them could cause a bigger flurry of discussion than those two!

Hou Chongliang’s face was utterly dark by this point. In order to ingratiate himself with Emperor Sky Entertainment and Ling Shaozhe, he previously intentionally snubbed Gong Xu and Luo Chen and shrank their script. In the end, he even deleted all of their recorded scenes…

“D*mn it! Why’s the outcome like this?!” Hou Chongliang nearly went mad from regret.

The junior assistant remorsefully mumbled, “If we followed our original plan, this week’s episode would just happen to coordinate with the Golden Orchid Awards’ popularity. We’d be ahead of all the other media outlets… The episode’s ratings would definitely reach an all-time high… What a pity…”

“Shut up! You only know to give advice in hindsight! If, if, if, there’s no if!” Regret rolled around in Hou Chongliang’s body; he felt more grief and lament than if he had brushed past 100 million yuan.

What a good opportunity!

Now, they wouldn’t get it back even if they spent 10 or 100 times more!

“Right, those 10 minutes! Didn’t we have 10 minutes?” Hou Chongliang hurriedly asked.

The junior assistant answered, “Eh, Director Hou, those 10 minutes were deleted according to your request…”

Hou Chongliang roared, “If they’re deleted, then figure out a way to recover them! Isn’t there a spare copy? 10 minutes! Not a single minute can be missing! Get it all back for me! Also, hurry and call Ye Bai and book them for our next episode! I want Gong Xu and Luo Chen to both be there!”

When the junior assistant heard that, he felt his head swelling.

Everyone must currently be falling over themselves to contact Age of the Immortals to compete for the first wave of popularity! They just had a falling out with the Age of the Immortals; how were they supposed to book them now…

They weren’t the only ones. There was someone who wanted to die more than Hou Chongliang.

It was the director of the reality show Hot-blooded Adventure , Feng Ke…

“D*mn it! Curse it all!!!” When Feng Ke got the news, he nearly thrashed the TV due to his anger.

The assistant director next to him tried to comfort him. “Ah, Old Feng! Calm down! Calm down!”

Feng Ke clutched his chest. He was dizzy from rage and felt like he was about to start coughing blood. “F*ck! I just switched out two Best Actors! How can I be calm???”

Anyone with eyes knew how explosive the popularity of double Best Actor would be. Nearly everyone was fighting for this wonderful opportunity and wanted to ride on this wave of popularity.

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