Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1161 - Happily abused

Chapter 1161: Happily abused

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The host’s voice reverberated from the speakers in the ceremony venue…

“Luo Chen attracted everyone’s attention and gained tremendous popularity with his debut in the film Terrifying Dragon . After three years of silence, he returned to the public eye through Terrifying Dragon 2 , demonstrating his excellent acting skills once again. Then, in A Life and Death Struggle , he portrayed special forces soldier Shen Yue and fully illustrated the magnificence of a Chinese soldier with his superb acting skills…”

“In A Life and Death Struggle , Gong Xu perfectly portrayed Xue Shaoyang, a vivid and substantial character who’s both a hero and villain. His acting skills improved in leaps and bounds, demonstrating to the audience that…”

After the host finished her recitation, she excitedly said, “This is too exciting! I didn’t expect there to be two winners for tonight’s Best Actor! Now, I’ll invite our two winners to come up onto the stage!”

Ye Mufan quickly urged Luo Chen and Gong Xu to go: “Hurry and go up!”

“Ah, wait! Wait! Brother Ye, you haven’t hugged me yet!” Gong Xu opened his arms demandingly.

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to walk over and hug a certain large canine.

Only then was Gong Xu happy. He hugged Ye Wanwan as hard as he could.

Ever since Gong Xu met this person, his life had changed.

Initially, he did it for Little Candied Plum. However, before he knew it, this person began to grow in importance to him…

Although he was managed, scolded and even beaten every day, he was very happily abused every single day…

This person… Hm?

Why’s Brother Ye’s body… so soft?

Also… he smells really good…

Honestly… he honestly smells like a girl…

“Stop acting cute. Go already!” Ye Wanwan urged.

“Oh…” Gong Xu inexplicably felt his face boiling and his heart about to leap out of his chest.

He subconsciously clutched his chest.

D*mn! It’s just a hug! Why the heck are you pounding so wildly?! Why are you pretending to be pure?!

Gong Xu dazedly stared at Ye Wanwan for a few seconds with a blush on his faze before dizzily following Luo Chen onto the stage.

On the stage, one of them was calm and reserved while the other was free and unruly. As they walked shoulder-to-shoulder to stand underneath the glowing lights, they were brilliant and eye-catching, as though no darkness could stifle their radiance…

Countless viewers simultaneously watched the ceremony’s livestream on their TVs and witnessed this scene, witnessing the rising of two stars…

At Imperial City Satellite TV’s busy Date with a Superstar crew:

“Director Hou! Director Hou! Watch the TV, quick!” Suddenly, the junior assistant dashed toward the director of the show, Hou Chongliang.

Hou Chongliang fiercely slapped the script in his hand and angrily shouted, “See what?! Can’t you see I’m going crazy with work? Why are you watching TV at a time like this?! Dazzling Media’s Cui Mingqian was stolen by Hot-blooded Adventure ! I told you to invite Pei Heng! Have you reserved Pei Heng’s timeslot yet?”

“That’s not it… Director Hou! Look at this first! It’s really important! Luo… Luo Chen… Luo Chen and Gong Xu both won Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor!” the junior assistant said, breathing heavily.

Hou Chongliang was startled. “What… what did you just say?”

The junior assistant exclaimed, “I said, Best Actor! Best Actor! Double Best Actor! Luo Chen and Gong Xu!”

Hou Chongliang stared at the junior assistant like he was a fool. “Are you freaking kidding me? Gong Xu? Best Actor?”

There was probably no one who would link “Gong Xu” and “Best Actor” together.

“Really! Watch it yourself if you don’t believe me, Director!”

As the junior assistant said this, he placed his phone, which was playing the Golden Orchid Awards’ livestream, in front of Hou Chongliang.

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