Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1160 - Unprecedented!

Chapter 1160: Unprecedented!

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Two… two male leads?

This means double Best Actor!

This was the first time double Best Actor occurred in the history of the Golden Orchid Awards! It was unprecedented!

This made everyone boil with emotion!

No one anticipated the Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor this year would have such an unexpected turn of events! Moreover, Luo Chen and Gong Xu both won Best Actor, creating double Best Actor for the first time in the Golden Orchid Awards’ history.

Ye Yiyi originally thought she could handle just Luo Chen and could even use this point to knock down Gong Xu first.

However… she never would’ve imagined it would be…

Double Best Actor!

It was actually double Best Actor!

Panic appeared for the first time in Ye Yiyi’s eyes.

Ling Shaozhe stared at Gong Xu like he’d seen a ghost.

Gong Xu, who he had always contemptuously looked down upon and thought had ridiculously horrible acting skills, actually… won Best Actor?

Producer Xue’s face was also ashen and disturbed. He lowered his voice and asked Ye Yiyi, “Who the hell is this Ye Bai?! What’s his background? This is unprecedented in the history of the Golden Orchid Awards… Miss Yiyi, I’m… I’m afraid… we can’t suppress these two people…”

A single Best Actor was problematic enough already, but now, it was two Best Actors. Their impact wouldn’t be double; it would grow explosively and exponentially!

It could already be foreseen that Luo Chen and Gong Xu’s names would explode after the Golden Orchid Awards.

This was true for Gong Xu especially. His popularity and rallying power were already very terrifying to begin with. Now that his only dark blotch was erased, his comeback persona could easily provoke an explosive effect.

In this kind of situation, even if two big companies like Worldwide and Emperor Sky teamed up together, they wouldn’t be able to suppress them.

This was the first occurrence of double Best Actor in the history of the Golden Orchid Awards. The outside world paid close attention to them, and the committee of judges also supported and had high hopes for them. If Worldwide and Emperor Sky wanted to forcibly suppress them, it would definitely cause negative criticism, not to mention whether they could even suppress them in the first place.

Ye Yiyi naturally knew this. She originally thought nothing could go wrong, so she hadn’t expected this result. When she looked at Ye Mufan, her expression was extremely dark…

However, there was still someone who looked more awful than Ye Yiyi—Chu Hongguang.

When you thought about it, he spent so much money and piled so many resources, but all that did was help Cai Yongsheng make Cui Mingqian popular and win Best Novice.

Chu Hongguang originally wanted to prove that his judgment and decision were both correct.

In the end, Ye Bai turned around and managed to make Luo Chen and Gong Xu win Best Actor at the same time!

Even Gong Xu, whose acting skills were officially deemed trashy by the entire entertainment industry, managed to win a Best Actor with his help.

This turnaround… it stabbed his heart…

Chu Hongguang originally still insisted his decision was correct due to his pride and thought it was Ye Bai who was in the wrong, but he now drowned in regret.

If Ye Bai didn’t leave back then, this could all be his! It could’ve belonged to Worldwide!

They could’ve angered Emperor Sky to death and even shaken Emperor Sky’s position as leader, and they could’ve held their head high…

But now, everything was useless.

Chu Hongguang felt his face twitch. He wanted to strangle that trash, Cai Yongsheng!

“Brother Ye! I… I actually won Best Actor… Quick, pinch me…”

“No need to trouble him. I’ll do it for you!” Ye Mufan teased mirthfully.

This was the first time Ye Mufan considered this guy pleasing to the eyes.

During this period of time, the Age of Immortals ran into snags everywhere it went. They were even kicked out of a show right before the award ceremony started. He had already prepared himself for death. He never expected a light at the end of the tunnel…

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