Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1159 - I didn't disappoint you

Chapter 1159: I didn’t disappoint you

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It wasn’t Luoshen’s Legend ?

How did it turn into Luo Chen?!

Producer Xue’s expression froze on his face and his extended arms awkwardly hung in mid-air. Ye Yiyi nearly jumped up.

The venue was in an uproar!

What’s going on? Did we mishear???

It wasn’t only the audience. Luo Chen himself was foolishly sitting there, unable to process what he just heard.

Meanwhile, Cai Yongsheng and Chu Hongguang both had a deep frown as they looked at the stage. They didn’t believe Ye Bai managed to make a comeback…

As though the female host realized the easy misunderstanding that this name could cause, she kindly repeated, “The winner of this year’s Golden Orchid Award for Best Actor is the actor who played Shen Yue in A Life and Death Struggle , Luo Chen! Congratulations, Luo Chen!”

The female host’s words were akin to a drop of cold water splattering into a pot of oil.

Ye Mufan emotionally shot up and pulled Luo Chen over to embrace him tightly. “Stop spacing out! Luo Chen, it’s you! You’re the winner!”

The only calm person in the venue was probably Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan stood up and opened her arms as she looked at the stupefied Luo Chen. “Luo Chen, congratulations.”

Luo Chen dazedly stared at Ye Wanwan, his figure lightly trembling and his eyes reddening. He excitedly embraced her. “Brother Ye… I succeeded… I succeeded… I didn’t disappoint you…”

The large rock that dangled above his heart finally settled. Luo Chen felt like he had received a new life.

Gong Xu was also dumbfounded for a long time before he finally reacted. His heart felt itchy and he stared at Luo Chen like he was staring at his wife’s lover. “D*mn! I guarded myself against everyone, but it turns out an internal thief stole it! You punk!”

It was clearly a complaint, but his voice was brimming with joy.

Luo Chen looked at Gong Xu, unease flitting through his eyes.

They were both nominated, they both worked hard, and Gong Xu truly didn’t expend any less effort than Luo Chen this time, but only Luo Cen won the award…

Perhaps other people weren’t aware and only saw Gong Xu’s careless side, but Luo Chen witnessed firsthand how hard Gong Xu worked during the special training. Gong Xu even made him hide it from Brother Ye…

Everyone present was surprised and had their own opinions about the surprise win. While Cai Yongsheng gritted his teeth angrily, while Jiang Yanran was secretly clapping for them with immense joy.

As for Ye Yiyi, Pei Heng, Producer Xue, and the rest of their group, they nearly couldn’t maintain their composure as they watched this unexpected outcome. Only Pei Heng managed to maintain a congratulatory expression due to his years of experience.

Darn it! How’s this possible?!

Luo Chen! How could it be that green punk?!

Ye Yiyi and her group weren’t the only ones who reacted this way. No one else expected this year’s Best Actor would go to the most unfavored nominee.

Ye Yiyi’s mind swiftly spun, and she made herself calm down.

They merely won a Best Actor… With Emperor Sky’s strength, it could keep suppressing them without a problem; just a bit more effort was needed…

The host said, “Please welcome Luo Chen to come up and accept his award!”

At this time, the guest presenter on the stage, Sun Dongyu, suddenly interrupted the host. “My apologies for the interruption. I didn’t finish speaking. The winner for Best Actor… there’s one more!”


… T-there’s one more?!

Everyone had yet to recover from their earlier shock and were stunned again by this sentence.

Sun Dongyu continued with a faint smile. “That’s right, the other winner is… Gong Xu!”

If Sun Dongyu had splattered water into a pot of oil when he said the name Luo Chen, then he essentially shocked a pool of water with lightning just now.


What’s this outcome?

It… it’s actually a double Best Actor?!

Gong Xu had just stood up to embrace Luo Chen when he abruptly heard his name. He was stunned on the spot. Three seconds later, he blinked with a perplexed expression. “Um… Brother Ye… I think… I think I’ve gone crazy from wishing to see you in a dress… I’m even having delusions…”

“Idiot!!!” Luo Chen finally couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. Tears poured down his face as he hugged Gong Xu tightly. “It’s not a delusion! It’s real!”

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