Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1158 - It felt especially safe

Chapter 1158: It felt especially safe

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Ye Wanwan accidentally touched Gong Xu's neck and surprisingly realized that it was soaking with sweat.

This guy… he really is nervous…

Gong Xu felt a gentle hand covering his shoulder and patting it extremely gently. He felt like he was a little puppy without a leash whose owner finally leashed him and led him home.

I feel… really safe…

When Ye Bai's soft fingers flitted across his soaked neck, he also felt his heart fiercely skipping a few beats for some reason, and he even forgot his nervousness…

Before the winner of Best Actor was announced, the camera jumped between the nominees and also gave a few shots to the cast and crew and the higher-ups of the actors' company.

The camera landed on Pei Heng and Ye Yiyi the most, as though it was hinting at something…

"Alright, enough talking. We'll now invite our guest presenter, Director Sun Dongyu, to reveal the winner of tonight's Best Actor Award! Welcome, Director Sun!"

It was finally time to announce the winner…

The guest presenter, Sun Dongyu, accepted the envelope from the host and said, "Good evening. I'm very honored to have been invited here to present this award…"

In the audience, everyone's hearts jumped to their throats. On the screen, although the nominees looked like they were trying their best to stay calm, their expressions clearly revealed their nervousness.

"I think it's Ji Wenjing. Worldwide's Ji Wenjing is absolutely a talented actor. He's already been nominated three times, so it must be his turn this time, right?"

"That dark horse, Han Yi's, momentum is also quite fierce…"

"Ah, enough guessing, there's no suspense about it. It must be Pei Heng! He was already half-retired at first. Emperor Sky Entertainment spent hundreds of millions to pull Pei Heng out of retirement just for this award! They're determined to win!"

"Pei Heng does have the biggest chances.Luoshen's Legendalready won Best Director and Best Film. These two awards are the markers for Best Actor and Best Actress, after all!"

Pei Heng was nearly a shoo-in for winning Best Actor at this point.

Below the stage, the producer sitting next to Ye Yiyi confidently said, "Miss Yiyi, don't worry!Luoshen's Legendwon both Best Director and Best Film, so it's a sure bet that it'll get Best Actor! I've already prepared the celebration banquet!"

Under everyone's admiring and reverent gazes, Ye Yiyi maintained her serene expression and lightly nodded. "Thank you for your hard work, Producer Xue."

On the stage, Sun Dongyu and the host echoed each other and kept the audience guessing for half a day before finally opening the envelope. The chattering and whispering in the audience completely disappeared; you could hear a pin drop.

Everyone's eyes were locked onto Sun Dongyu.

Sun Dongyu began, "For this year's Golden Orchid Awards…"

Ye Wanwan maintained her composure while Ye Mufan's fists were tightly clenched and his eyes were unblinking. Luo Chen took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Sun Dongyu continued, "Best Actor goes to Luo…"

When Sun Dongyu uttered "Luo," everyone's eyes turned to look at Pei Heng with unsurprised expressions.

Ah, it wasLuoshen's Legendas expected…

Ye Yiyi's expression also relaxed while Producer Xue prepared to embrace Pei Heng with a wide grin…

However, at that moment, Sun Dongyu's voice exploded in everyone's ears. "Luo Chen!!!"

When everyone heard this name, the venue went abnormally silent for a second.


What did Sun Dongyu just say?!?!?!

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