Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1175 - Whoever wins an award first is a dog

Chapter 1175: Whoever wins an award first is a dog

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Back then, they were merely doing Worldwide and Emperor Sky a favor. After all, the two bosses gave them instructions, and Age of the Immortals was a tiny, powerless company. It didn’t matter whether they came or not, and no one would care, so they were naturally happy to oblige.

However, who knew that such a tiny, lousy company would end up winning both Best Actor and Best Actress! Best Actor even produced two like a double-yolked egg!

Now, they had no choice but to quickly coax the people back. Otherwise, tonight’s Golden Orchid banquet would become the biggest laughing stock…

Many people had already formed groups of three or five and were talking about it.

“Ey, why aren’t our Best Actor and Best Actress here yet?”

“I heard they didn’t get an invitation!”

“Didn’t get an invitation…? Are you joking with me?”

“Age of the Immortals was founded by the former young heir of Emperor Sky Entertainment. Do you understand now?”

“No wonder… Emperor Sky Entertainment probably exerted some pressure then?”

“Worldwide probably had a hand in it. Didn’t Ye Bai jump from Worldwide’s ship? It’s just that both agencies probably never expected the intensely fought-over Best Actor and Best Actress awards would end up in Age of the Immortals’ hands…”

“Pft, this is going to be a giant show!”

Suddenly, a shocked exclamation was heard from the entrance.

A group of people with Ye Mufan in the lead started entering the hall.

Rolling waves of gasps reverberated in the hall.

Everyone who attended tonight’s banquet was experienced in the entertainment industry and was used to seeing handsome men and beautiful women, but their entrance was still breathtaking for them.

No wonder Age of the Immortals was crowned with the title “Heavenly Group of Breathtaking Beauties” by netizens.

The effects of Han Xianyu, Gong Xu, and Luo Chen together were frightening enough already. The newly crowned Best Actress also had superb good looks. Yet, both of the behind-the-scenes senior managers were also blindingly handsome.

The manager, Ye Bai, especially. He actually wasn’t inferior in any respect amongst those eye-catching celebrities. Although he kept a low-profile, his aura was the strongest. Other people could clearly feel that Age of the Immortals revolved around him.

A senior manager from the organizers quickly went up to receive them with a smile. “You’re all finally here!”

Ye Mufan returned a superficial diplomatic smile. “My sincere apologies. We had to turn around at the last minute and rush back here, so we arrived late.”

The senior manager coughed lightly. “Ahem, it’s fine, it’s fine. It was our lack of consideration…”

After a round of polite chatting, the embarrassment eased up slightly.

Suddenly, a figure swiftly shot out from the crowd and started shouting with large gesticulations, “D*mn it! Gong Xu, you punk! When I was previously nominated as Best Supporting Actor, you freaking slaughtered me in insults and yelled at me for leaving the team and betraying you. Now, look at you! You silently ran off to win a Best Actor! Where’s the promised treading on life’s journey together as brothers and whoever wins an award first is a dog?”

Gong Xu rolled his eyes. “Shoo! Tang Xinghuo, you loser who has sh*t acting skills but still doesn’t try to improve! My Brother Ye doesn’t let me play with you!”

“D*mn! You’re prioritizing your hoes before your bros! Wait… isn’t there something wrong with what I just said… Anyway, you punk, don’t even think about escaping tonight! Get over here!”

Tang Xinghuo promptly dragged Gong Xu away to start drinking.

Ye Mufan and Ye Wanwan and their group were busy entertaining everyone when they saw Grandfather Ye slowly walking out from the crowd with the glowering Ye Shao’an and Ye Yiyi behind him.

Ye Hongwei had a solemn expression. “Mufan!”

Ye Mufan quickly went up. “Grandpa!”

Ye Hongwei revealed a rare praising look as he looked at his grandson. “You… did quite well this time.”

“Thank you, Grandpa! It’s all because you taught me well!” Ye Mufan flattered him.

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