Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1151 - Simply true love

Chapter 1151: Simply true love

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At that moment, a notification rang from Ye Mufan’s phone in front.

Ye Mufan nearly jumped. “Gong Xu, what the heck did you post this time? Didn’t I say you weren’t allowed to make a Weibo post before the award ceremony ended?”

Gong Xu revealed an innocent expression. “Sh*t! I didn’t post anything!”

“You didn’t post anything? Then why did my phone…”

Ye Mufan opened his phone and was astonished. It really wasn’t Gong Xu who posted something.

Ye Mufan subconsciously glanced at Luo Chen in the back seat, his surprise evident.

“Sorry, it was me who posted,” Luo Chen said.

Ye Mufan coughed lightly. “Yeah, I saw it. Forget it then since you posted it already…”

Gong Xu erupted the second he heard that. “D*mn it! What kind of differential treatment is this?! Why’s it fine if he posts on Weibo, but not me? I object to this!”

Ye Mufan said, “Object my ass! Do you even know what he posted?”

“I’m gonna see what this punk posted!” Gong Xu said as he opened up Weibo on his phone.

Gong Xu angrily pulled up Luo Chen’s most recent post.

When he saw what Luo Chen posted, he was shocked and looked a little mystified.

Luo Chen’s Weibo post was very brief and only had four words.

[He’s the best partner. @Gong Xu]

Shortly after Luo Chen posted that, there was an explosion of comments underneath the post.

[D*mn! Was Luo Chen’s account hacked?]

[Gong Xu must’ve hacked Luo Chen’s phone to post this, right?]

[Staunchly supporting Gong Xu at a time like this, it’s simply true love!]

“D*mn…” Gong Xu stared at the Weibo post foolishly.

He evidently didn’t think that Luo Chen, who had always been on bad terms with him and disliked him, would stand up for him at a time like this.

Gong Xu stared at that Weibo post for a long time with a tumultuous expression. After a while, he turned to Luo Chen seriously and said, “Luo Chen, tell me honestly—have you fallen in love with me? Have you been captured by my charming personality? I’d advise you to give up now! If I wanted to be gay, I’d only accept my Brother Ye!”

Luo Chen’s slightly moved emotions were instantly dissipated by this fool. “… You’re overthinking it.”

Ye Mufan interjected. “Punk, if you talk nonsense again, I’m gonna kill you!”

“Felix, do you want to fight?! Why would you kill me?! I’m being gay with Brother Ye, not you! Why are you always opposing me?” Gong Xu, who was currently challenging Ye Mufan, had no idea that he was challenging the real “elder brother-in-law.”

The group boisterously got out of the car, and Ye Wanwan happened to walk toward them. “What are you all up to this time?”

Gong Xu immediately fluttered toward Ye Wanwan like a butterfly and complained, “Brother Ye, I just said I wanted to be gay with you, but Felix said he was going to kill me! What does it have to do with him?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

The results were about to be announced, so everyone was predicting the list of winners. In contrast, this guy was talking about being gay…

Fine, being mentally strong was also an advantage!

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at Gong Xu before she looked at Luo Chen. “Luo Chen, come here.”

Luo Chen walked toward Ye Wanwan at once. “Brother Ye.”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Luo Chen with a deep frown. His face was so haggard that even his makeup could barely cover it up. Thankfully, his outfit and hairstyle helped a lot, so when the lights were on him, people wouldn’t see his haggardness from far away.

This child ruminated too much.

Ye Wanwan said, “We tried our best, and it’s up to the heavens now. As long as you did your best, there’s nothing to be disappointed about. Don’t worry about the discussions on the internet. Pure strength is the best method to make people shut up. I believe in you.”

Luo Chen’s pupils contracted, and his eyes reddened mildly. “Yes, I understand, Brother Ye.”

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