Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1150 - Are you feeling nervous?

Chapter 1150: Are you feeling nervous?

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After leaving the Si Corporation building, Ye Wanwan drove straight to the location of the Golden Orchid Awards ceremony and met up with Ye Mufan and the others.

The Golden Orchid Awards was an annual grand occasion in the entertainment industry, so everyone would be focused on it tonight without a doubt.

Since the announcement of the nomination list, bustling discussions and guesses about the winners of this year’s Best Actor and Best Actress pervaded the internet. Many people even made bets about the winners privately.

Emperor Sky Entertainment’s Pei Heng had the most people betting on him. Pei Heng won Best Actor two times already and had always been a capable actor. The fact that Emperor Sky invited him to their film illustrated their determination to win.

The second most popular candidate was Worldwide Entertainment’s Jing Wanqing. He had a golden production crew and a large, 200-million-yuan production behind him. Public opinion was polarized, but its box office performance was very strong.

Wisdom Media’s Han Yi was a dark horse who popped up this year. There were favorable opinions of him as well.

As for A Life and Death Struggle’s Luo Chen and Gong Xu, everyone from the crew to the director to the screenwriter was obscure in the industry. The only outstanding actor was Han Xianyu, who only played a supporting role.

Both Luo Chen and Gong Xu were viewed as “Best Companions.”

In the car, Gong Xu was looking through Weibo the entire way there. When he read through the online comments, his brilliant face looked extremely arrogant. “Tch, companion? Wherever this young master goes, other people will be diminished into props!”

Luo Chen glanced at Gong Xu, rendered speechless.

He had no idea whether this guy was too mentally strong or simple-minded. It was like he never felt defeat…

When Gong Xu saw that Luo Chen was silent, he glanced at Luo Chen. “Hey!”

The inattentive Luo Chen glanced at Gong Xu, nonverbally asking: “What?”

Gong Xu wrapped his arm around Luo Chen’s shoulders and quietly asked, “Are you feeling nervous?”

Luo Chen was stunned, and his expression was a little stiff. “I’m not.”

Gong Xu pursed his lips, disbelief apparent on his face. “Tch, don’t bother lying to me. I’ve at least had a love-hate relationship with you for so long, so I know what you’re thinking with a single glance! I have to say—what’s there for you to be nervous about? Look at me! I’m insulted to this extent, but I’m still not nervous!”

Ye Mufan, who was currently driving, rolled his eyes at Gong Xu through the rearview mirror. “What? Are you feeling proud instead of shameful?”

“I’m telling the truth! If you want to stay in this industry, you have to be like me and view everything like fleeting clouds. If you accept every type of trash and take every comment seriously, wouldn’t you get tired to death? This fool overthinks too much. I’m tired for him,” Gong Xu mumbled.

Warmth flitted through Luo Chen’s face.

He knew Gong Xu was intentionally saying that to comfort him.

The company was encountering a crisis right now. The award ceremony was too important this year, so the pressure on him lately had been too great.

Gong Xu was right—he was feeling nervous. He had never been this nervous.

He had suffered from insomnia for several nights in a row already. As soon as he thought about how he might fail to live up to Brother Ye’s expectations and how the company might close down, he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

His personality was the exact opposite of Gong Xu’s. Gong Xu was egocentric and didn’t care about other people’s opinions, but Luo Chen was different. As soon as something happened, his first thought was to think about what he didn’t do well. A single piece of criticism on the internet could make him feel awful for a long time.

What was most unbearable to him was fear. He feared that his incapability would drag other people down.

Luo Chen opened Weibo on his phone and saw that all the comments under his posts were insults toward Gong Xu. Many comments were about how Gong Xu dragged him down and he would’ve had a huge chance of winning Best Actor with his acting skills otherwise.

Luo Chen stared at those comments for a long time before opening the page to make a new post. He slowly typed a line into it before posting it.

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