Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1152 - Not enough time

Chapter 1152: Not enough time

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Some distance from them, all the big names were walking the red carpet. Superstars were gathered there, their brilliance resplendent.

Worldwide Entertainment also reaped quite a large harvest this year. Their artists’ films were nominated for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay, etc.

One of the artists under Cai Yongsheng was even nominated for Best Novice.

The past year’s Golden Orchid Awards was a bit unusual in that there weren’t a lot of films submitted for Best Novice. A few films were even banned in the country because of their sensitive themes. Hence, there was nearly zero competition for Best Novice, and anyone who met the requirements was nominated.

This year was different though. All the major awards had intense competition, so it was difficult to be nominated.

Based on Ye Wanwan’s research, the novice under Cai Yongsheng was transferred from the batch of talented novices Chu Hongguang trained at Worldwide. This novice was equipped with the top resources and had an exuberant amount of funds.

Cai Yongsheng was in high spirits as he led his artist. When he saw Ye Wanwan and her group, he instantly turned contemptuous. “My my, isn’t this Ye Bai, Great Manager Ye? I heard your artist was also nominated! Congratulations!”

The artists from Global around Cai Yongsheng all had strange smiles on their faces. “They were nominated for Best Companion, weren’t they…”

“Pft, if it weren’t for Red Lotus ‘s artist being caught using drugs and causing this film to be banned, they wouldn’t have had a chance.”

“They really got a huge-ass stroke of luck!”

The film, Red Lotus , that they spoke of was also a popular nominee for Best Actor. However, one of the artists in the film was caught taking drugs, so it caused the entire film to be banned. Hence, everyone in the industry thought A Life and Death Struggle got a huge-ass stroke of luck and filled the empty spot.

Cai Yongsheng sardonically looked at Gong Xu and Luo Chen and intentionally said to the female artist next to him, “Ay, young people are still too naive. Now that they’ve suffered a loss, they probably feel regretful. However, it’s too late now. I gave them a chance but they sadly didn’t treasure it. Now they want to come back? They should wash themselves squeaky clean and line up in the back…”

After he said that, he gloatingly walked toward the red carpet.

Cai Yongsheng’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was loud enough for Ye Wanwan and her group to hear.

Gong Xu pulled up his sleeves and angrily shouted, “He squandered so many resources only to get a Best Novice Award nominee, what the h*ll is he so proud about? If you had the same resources, Brother Ye, that would be enough to pocket the entire Golden Orchid Awards!”

Ye Wanwan said, “Put down your sleeves.”


After Worldwide Entertainment’s people left, Emperor Sky Entertainment was next.

This year, Emperor Sky Entertainment was nominated for more than half of the awards. They had artists nominated for most major awards like Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Actress, so they could be considered the biggest winner this time.

With every big-name, popular potential award winner that passed by, fervent shouting swept through the area.

The climax was when Ye Yiyi and the current hottest star under Emperor Sky, Ling Shaozhe, walked by.

Although Ling Shaozhe himself wasn’t nominated, the film he was in was nominated for 7-8 major awards and had the best box office performance this year, so his popularity couldn’t be contained.

The entertainment industry was like this. Perhaps you weren’t the most capable, but you had a grand tree behind you, so you could soar to the sky with its help.

“Miss Yiyi, everyone knows Emperor Sky Entertainment is booming with success this year and was nominated for countless awards. No wonder you’re the leader of our entertainment industry…”

On stage, the hosts lavished Emperor Sky Entertainment with all sorts of praises and took up a large amount of time.

Then a staff member hurriedly walked to Ye Mufan and said, “There’s not enough time. Everyone from your group will go up together later!”

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