Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1133 - You’re cute, so I’ll agree to anything you say

Chapter 1133: You’re cute, so I’ll agree to anything you say

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Ye Wanwan said, “That’s illogical!”

Si Yehan’s face turned darker. It was wondrous that she still knew that was illogical despite how drunk she was.

“You’re lying to me again! I’ve never birthed a child!” Ye Wanwan was firm in her disbelief.

Baby Tangtang, who had just woken up, felt like thunder was clapping across a clear sky.

Mommy said she never birthed me!

Tangtang’s face turned ghastly white and tearful. “Mommy… you don’t want Tangtang anymore?”

The child was delicate and soft like a glutinous riceball, and he was wearing fuzzy cartoon pajamas. His cheeks were tender and soft, eliciting an urge for Ye Wanwan to pinch and kiss them.

Ye Wanwan inexplicably felt an urge in her hands and almost couldn’t stop herself from hugging and kneading the child.

Ye Wanwan had a stern and resolute expression as she stared at the tiny child and said, “But… I… I didn’t birth you…”

Tangtang jumped into Ye Wanwan’s arms and looked up with an anguished expression. “Mommy… Mommy gave birth to Tangtang… Tangtang is Mommy’s baby… Mommy said that…”

And so, the tiny dango clung to her arms like that, warmly and softly.

Ye Wanwan said, “I think… Birthing a child without sleeping together… is actually quite normal…”

Si Yehan: “…”


Ye Wanwan couldn’t hold back any longer. She kneaded the tiny child in her arms then sought verification from Si Yehan with sparkling, starry eyes, “Ahhh! So cute, so cute, so cute!!! Did I really give birth to him? Am I really that awesome??? Really? Really???”

Ye Wanwan and Tangtang both looked at Si Yehan simultaneously with glittering eyes.

Si Yehan answered, “Really…”

Ye Wanwan was instantly extremely excited. “Ahhh! So happy! I really like him!”

When Tangtang heard that Mommy liked him, his cheeks finally flushed again.

However, Tangtang continued to look at Mommy with concern and seriously said, “Mommy, don’t drink from now on, okay?”

After Mommy drank alcohol, she didn’t recognize me anymore…

Ye Wanwan nodded without a thought. “Sure, sure, sure! You’re cute, so I’ll go along with anything you say!”

Only then did Tangtang relax.

Ye Wanwan then focused all her attention on the tiny child and completely tossed the child’s dad to the back of her mind.

After messing around for some time, mother and child finally fell asleep.

Si Yehan wiped Ye Wanwan’s face with a wet cloth and changed her clothes for her. Then he laid on the other side of Tangtang and sulked by himself.

After laying for a while, he silently sighed and realized how childish he could be.

Actually… I shouldn’t be angry… I should be glad instead…

Glad that she likes something about me—my face.

Late at night, Si Yehan hadn’t rested for too long when he felt something poking his shoulder.

Si Yehan opened his eyes with a light frown. Then he met a pair of glittering, pitch-black eyes and was startled.

Si Yehan rubbed his forehead with exasperation. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes were full of excitement as she looked at the child in between them. “Ah-Jiu, Ah-Jiu! I remember now… This thing… this tiny child… I really gave birth to him…”

Si Yehan sighed and tucked the sheets for her. “Yes. You gave birth to him.”

Ye Wanwan’s voice sounded nervous as she hesitantly asked, “Ah-Jiu, are you angry?”

Si Yehan retorted, “Why would I be angry?”

“I secretly birthed him… Aren’t you angry?”

Si Yehan’s expression was speechless. Is she extremely drunk or is she dreaming?

When he heard her calling him “Ah-Jiu,” he thought she had gotten a little less intoxicated.

Si Yehan went along with her. “I’m not angry. Hurry and sleep.”

Ye Wanwan showed a relieved expression and finally felt at ease. She turned around and fell sound asleep.

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