Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1134 - Horses can run on the grass field above my head

Chapter 1134: Horses can run on the grass field above my head

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The next morning, Ye Wanwan was woken up by a nightmare.

Ye Wanwan fiercely sat up with cold sweat dripping everywhere.

She had a super frightening nightmare! It was too frightening!

Eh? Where’s Si Yehan?

Tangtang also isn’t here…

Si Yehan and Tangtang probably woke up already, so they were gone.

Ye Wanwan rolled off the bed with a panicked expression and didn’t have time to put on her slippers before charging downstairs.


Because she ran too hastily, she misstepped on the final step and fell forward.

When she was about to land on the hard floor, the expected pain didn’t arrive. Instead, she landed in a pair of cold arms.

Si Yehan’s files scattered all over the floor from his hands, and there was rage all over his face. “Walk properly! Why were you running?”

When he saw her bare feet, his face grew more displeased. “Where are your slippers?”

Ye Wanwan’s neck cowered from the scolding. She had a pitiful expression. “Mm… I had a nightmare…”

When Xu Yi, who was reporting business matters to Si Yehan, saw this, he quickly picked up a pair of slippers from the shoe rack to hand to them.

After Xu Yi placed them down, he immediately hid far away with a swish and tried his best to lower his presence.

Sober and drunk Miss Wanwan are two completely different people! When she’s inebriated, she can run across roofs and leap over walls. When she’s sober, she can even trip down the stairs. (─.─||)

After Si Yehan helped her up and helped her put on the slippers, his expression eased a few degrees. “The things you see in your dreams are fake.”

Ye Wanwan pouted and looked at Si Yehan as though he was a heartless jerk. She was full of accusations as she said, “Don’t lie to me! It was so real! Really, really! I dreamed you married a wife, you married many, many wives—a whole harem of wives! I wanted to hit them, but your heart ached for them and you were mean to me! Seriously, horses can run on grass fields above my head 1 ! Ahhh, so infuriating!”

Si Yehan: “…”

Xu Yi, who was hiding in the corner: “…”

What?! What did I just hear?

Si Yehan felt a raging headache as he pinched his brows. “What kind of nonsense do you think about all day?”

Ye Wanwan plastered herself against Si Yehan’s chest. “Is it really fake? Why did it feel so real then? I even dreamed they chased me around and beat me up! When I woke up, I felt like I was aching all over!”

Xu Yi’s eyes widened, grief and indignation leaking out of them. “…!!!”

Miss Wanwan, you can’t be like that!!!

How could you turn the truth inside out in your sleep?

It was clearly you who chased everyone around and beat us up, okay?!

You’re aching all over because you used too much strength when you were hitting us, alright…

In his exasperation, Si Yehan had no choice but to pacify her. “It’s fake.”

Ye Wanwan’s expression had just eased up when she remembered something else. Her head drooped down again. “Woowoowoo… W-what was most hurtful was that… I also dreamed! I dreamed that Tangtang didn’t want me anymore… *sniff sniff sniff*…”

Si Yehan rubbed his forehead, at a complete loss for words.

This was her so-called nightmare?

This was what Tangtang heard the moment he entered with Great White behind him.

The little fella dazedly stood there and finally reacted a moment later. He quickly pattered over to them. “Mommy! Tangtang didn’t not want Mommy!”

Ye Wanwan perked up. “Really? But Mommy dreamed Tangtang didn’t want me anymore! Tangtang wouldn’t abandon Mommy and forget Mommy, right?”

Baby Tangtang was very conflicted. It was clearly Mommy who forgot about him when she was drunk???

However, the little fella nodded with conviction. “Really! Mommy will always be Tangtang’s mommy! Tangtang absolutely won’t forget about Mommy! Sorry, Mommy, Tangtang made Mommy feel sad in her dream!”

Xu Yi from his corner: “…”

Alright, I finally understand what kind of spoiling created Miss Wanwan’s unreasonable personality…

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