Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1132 - What do you like?

Chapter 1132: What do you like?

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Si Yehan’s eyes were like a cold pool of bottomless water as he looked at her and said, “Come here.”

Ye Wanwan pounced like a tiny cannon as soon as she heard him.

Si Yehan’s body leaned back a little from the impact, and two of the buttons on his dress shirt loosened.

When Si Yehan met her glittering eyes, he gently looped a hand around her waist. His tone was uncommonly gentle. “Let’s talk.”

Ye Wanwan’s brows furrowed. “You said we’d sleep after I drank it…”

“Yes, I said that, but let me ask you a question first.” There was a bewitching quality to Si Yehan’s voice.

This trick was obviously very effective. Ye Wanwan obediently nodded. “Okay…”

Si Yehan watched her face as he quietly asked, “Do you like me, or do you like my face?”

“Your face,” Ye Wanwan answered without hesitation.

Si Yehan’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly. A second later, he buttoned his shirt as though everything was normal. “Sleep by yourself.”

The second Ye Wanwan heard Si Yehan’s words, she felt like thunder clapped across a clear sky and was dumbstruck.


Si Yehan walked upstairs; even his back showed his anger.

Ye Wanwan was stunned for a moment before chasing after Si Yehan. When she realized she couldn’t catch up due to the speed of his long legs, she pushed off the stair railing and leaped forward, landing in front of Si Yehan and blocking his path.

Ye Wanwan asked, “Why?”

“Figure it out yourself.”

Si Yehan’s face was frosty. Then he coldly entered the bathroom without another word.

Bang! The door slammed on Ye Wanwan. Grievance bubbled up inside and she angrily jumped onto the bed and hugged the comforter.

So what if I like that he’s good looking?! Why’s he angry?! Why did he shut me outside?!

Why did he abduct me home but won’t sleep with me?

Ye Wanwan was furiously scratching the comforter when she suddenly felt something soft squirming underneath her…

Ye Wanwan bolted up from fright.

A second later, a soft and fair child burrowed out of the comforter.

The little fella was sleepily rubbing his eyes. When he saw Ye Wanwan, he dazedly sat there and blinked from still being half-asleep.

When he saw who it was, all his sleepiness dissipated. Brilliant joy sparkled in his eyes, and he instantly crawled up and sprang into Ye Wanwan’s arms.


Ye Wanwan was utterly dumbstruck when she saw the little child who burrowed out of the comforter without any warning, unexpectedly leaped into her arms and called her “Mommy.”

Si Yehan was calming himself down inside the bathroom when he suddenly heard her miserable scream from outside.


Si Yehan opened the door and shot out of the bathroom.

“What happened?” Si Yehan had a fierce expression on his face.

Then he saw that Ye Wanwan was staring at the child in her arms with a pale and panic-stricken expression. “What… what is this thing???”

Si Yehan: “…”

Si Yehan exhaled in relief while also rubbing his forehead with exasperation. A moment later, he answered, “Your son…”

Ye Wanwan was even more dumbfounded. She looked at the child then at Si Yehan. “Who birthed him?”

Si Yehan’s face turned a few shades darker. “You.”

Si Yehan thought, How could it be me who birthed the child?

Ye Wanwan shouted, “Impossible! How could we have a son before we’ve even slept together?”

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