Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1131 - You’re not sleeping with me?

Chapter 1131: You’re not sleeping with me?

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After the bout of utter chaos, the group finally escorted their future mistress home.

Everyone was extremely cautious and stayed far, far away from Si Yehan, afraid of bringing disaster upon themselves.

After Xu Yi got out of the car and opened the car door for his master, he instantly retreated three meters away and didn’t dare to even glance at his master.

If their Ninth Master ate vinegar by the tank then Miss Wanwan ate vinegar by the “ocean.”

Also, she tossed the blame anywhere and everywhere, so you never knew when it would land on your head.

Too terrifying!

Ye Wanwan was walking with Si Yehan’s help. She was halfway to the main door when she suddenly looked back.

Si Yehan asked, “What is it?”

Ye Wanwan intently stared at the hidden bodyguards behind them and said pensively, “I’m still worried. I should just beat them to death.”

Si Yehan: “…”

The hidden bodyguards: “…!!!”

How could you do that?! What did we do wrong?!

Ye Wanwan pondered over it a little longer before waving her hand. “Forget it. I won’t beat them…”

The hidden guards were joyous. That’s great! Did Miss Wanwan’s conscience return?

Just as the hidden guards thought that, they heard Ye Wanwan say, “It’ll waste time. Every minute of the wedding night is worth a thousand gold…”

The hidden bodyguards: “…”

They were going to die either way… They would either die from a beating… or die from overeating dog food…

With that, Ye Wanwan finally stopped wasting time on the people behind her and happily entered the house with Si Yehan.

At this point in time, Ye Wanwan’s wig was already ditched in the car and her jacket was pulled every which way. As soon as the door closed after them, she pressed Si Yehan against the wall and was about to pounce on him.

However, she was stopped halfway there. He ordered, “No fooling around yet. Drink some sobering tea first.”

Otherwise, her head would feel like it went through a blender again when she woke up the next morning.

She never learned from her mishaps.

Before Si Yehan went to pick her up, he had people prepare some sobering tea, so it was currently sitting on the coffee table in the living room.

Si Yehan walked over and touched the porcelain bowl. The temperature of the tea was perfect.

“Drink it.” Si Yehan handed the sobering tea to her.

Ye Wanwan stared at the bowl in Si Yehan’s hands in a daze. She was astonished. “You didn’t take me home to sleep with me? You brought me here to drink tea???”

When Si Yehan saw her bitter expression as though she’d been cheated, his face darkened. “…”

“Liar! I won’t drink it!” Ye Wanwan expressed her desire that she would rather die than submit when she discovered she had been deceived.

“Drink it. Otherwise, your head will hurt tomorrow morning.”

“I won’t! I didn’t come here to drink tea! I knew it. You were lying to me. I should just go and beat them to death now!”

Ye Wanwan’s hair was disheveled. She tossed her jacket away and prepared to go out to fight again.

Si Yehan felt a headache dawning on him. He pulled her back and pressed her to sit down on the chair. He uttered between gritted teeth, “Drink first, then sleep!”

Ye Wanwan’s head spun around. “Really?”


Then Si Yehan raised the soup spoon to her lips.

Ye Wanwan finally calmed down and obediently started drinking it.

She didn’t know how the sobering tea was prepared, but it was both sweet and sour and tasted very good. After she drank a spoonful, her eyes squinted like a content cat.

Si Yehan fed her spoonful by spoonful, and Ye Wanwan glanced at Si Yehan after every spoonful.

Toward the end, Ye Wanwan appeared to have grown impatient and snatched the bowl from Si Yehan. Then she gulped it down.

After finishing the tea, Ye Wanwan handed the empty bowl to Si Yehan. “I finished, I finished. Done now? Can we sleep now?”

Si Yehan: “…”

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