Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1130 - Return to our home

Chapter 1130: Return to our home

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Si Yehan patted Ye Wanwan’s head. “Let’s go home?”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes sparkled. “Your home?”

Si Yehan’s dark eyes turned darker, and he repressed the impulse to kiss her. “Our home.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t want anything else. She nestled into the car on her own…

Some distance away, Ye Mufan finally regained his wits when he saw Ye Wanwan entering the black car.

“D*mn! Bastard! Get back out here! How could you randomly enter someone’s car?!” Ye Mufan quietly cursed and rushed forward.

By the car door, Ye Wanwan tilted her head as she looked at him. “Who are you?”

Ye Mufan was nearly angered to death. “Sh*t! I’m your f*cking brother!”

“I don’t know you.” After Ye Wanwan said that, she turned around and entered the car.

Cold gales of wind whistled through the air.

Ye Mufan: “…”

D*mn girl! She… she actually said she didn’t know me!

She tossed her brother out of mind beyond the highest heavens just because she had a boyfriend now, didn’t she?!

Si Yehan’s eyes rested on Ye Mufan for a second before he reached out to protect the top of Ye Wanwan’s head as she entered. Then he followed her into the car too.

Soon, the black cars disappeared into the night.

Only then did Gong Xu and the others run out from their hiding places.

Gong Xu cautiously looked ahead of him. “They… they left?”

Luo Chen instantly threw off Gong Xu’s arms.

Ye Mufan angrily pulled Gong Xu toward him. “B*stard, what kind of drink did you give her?”

Gong Xu was sullen and looked extremely innocent. “Liquor… just liquor… Lafite… and whiskey as well… I drank it… and you all drank it too…”

Ye Mufan angrily tossed Gong Xu away.

Gong Xu was trembling. “Ah… what a painful realization… No wonder Brother Ye never drinks! I won’t force Brother Ye to drink ever again, wahhh!”

“Next time?” Ye Mufan angrily ordered, “No one is allowed to let Ye Bai drink alcohol from now on! I’m adding this rule to our company’s handbook!”

Fei Yang, who had hidden far away, nodded frantically and agreed, “We can have that rule! We must have that rule!”

This was Ye Mufan’s first time meeting Ye Wanwan’s boyfriend.

Thinking back on it, Ye Mufan was contemptuous when the little girl who always said her brother was the most handsome suddenly said to him that her boyfriend was 100 times more handsome than him.

Now… d*mn it… he had no choice but to admit… it was just as that d*mn girl said… her boyfriend was 100 times more handsome than him…

No wonder! No wonder that d*mn girl suddenly didn’t care about Gu Yueze anymore and didn’t have any lingering feelings for that jerk.

Wanwan previously said her boyfriend was an employee of the Si Corporation, but from the looks of it, he brought bodyguards with him. Could he be some minor manager or director?

He was so young, yet he had already advanced to a position with bodyguards assigned to him in the Si Corporation. He hadn’t advanced so far using his face, right…

Fei Yang sneakily approached Han Xianyu and quietly said, “Ah, Xianyu, there’s something… I don’t know if I should say it though…”

“What is it?”

“I think… you should stay far away from Ye Bai from now on!” Fei Yang advised solemnly.

“He only acted like this because he drank too much,” Han Xianyu said.

Fei Yang hastily shook his head. “N-no, that’s not what I mean… I just discovered… Ye Bai’s sexual orientation… is abnormal… He likes men, doesn’t he?”

Even if he acted crazy because he drank too much, the fact that he hit on men when he was drunk… That couldn’t be easily excused, right?

When Han Xianyu heard that, he was speechless. “…”

Fei Yang understood Han Xianyu too well. As soon as he saw Han Xianyu’s expression, he detected something was amiss. “F*ck me! He seriously likes men?! Xianyu, don’t tell me you already knew this! Xianyu, you must stay strong!”

Don’t… don’t turn gay…

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