Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1129 - Would your heart hurt?

Chapter 1129: Would your heart hurt?

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Everyone was in danger.

Gong Xu’s shameless move was like a ray of hope in the darkness.

Light shone from the slender guard’s eyes. He was still bent over and breathing heavily. He looked at Eleven and asked, “Eleven! Division Leader Eleven! Since there aren’t any girls here, why don’t we pair up? I’ll reluctantly be gay if it’s just for a while.”

When Eleven heard that, his face was darker than the bottom of a pan. “I’d rather be killed by Miss Wanwan…”

As expected, Gong Xu’s flirtatious and unscrupulous actions couldn’t be replicated by just anyone.

Si Yehan was originally approaching them with fury roaring in his chest, but when he saw Ye Wanwan explosively and murderously eliminating his harem, his destructive fury unwittingly mellowed.

When Xu Yi saw how Miss Wanwan was getting more vicious the more she beat the guards up while his master’s expression eased and even looked a little happy as he watched the spectacle, he silently lit a candle for the guards.

It was a rare occasion that Miss Wanwan was the jealous one and she was going on a violent rampage too. They shouldn’t count on Master to rescue them…

Xu Yi was lighting candles for the other people when he suddenly saw a shadow charging toward him.

“Ah!” Xu Yi nearly fell on the ground butt-first.

“You’re the legitimate wife?” Ye Wanwan stared at Xu Yi, her eyes glowing with murder.

Xu Yi was dumbfounded. “No… It’s not me! I have nothing to do with this! It’s… i-it’s… it’s you!!!”

How could Ye Wanwan be willing to listen to him? Her eyes were fiery red and she angrily approached him with the intention of beating him up.

“Ah! N-ninth Master—” Xu Yi was terror-stricken.

The second before Ye Wanwan’s fist landed on Xu Yi, Si Yehan grabbed her wrist and stopped her attack.

Xu Yi glanced at the fist that was stopped a centimeter from his face and abruptly breathed a sigh of relief, on the verge of collapse.

Ye Wanwan stared at Si Yehan intently, the one who saved Xu Yi, and was about to explode on the spot. She ferociously asked, “Would your heart hurt if I hit him?”

What… what the hell?

Xu Yi was about to bawl. He shook his head like a rattle-drum. “No! No!!! That’s absolutely not it!!!”

What kind of logic is this?! I’m going to kneel at her feet!!!

Si Yehan looked at how Ye Wanwan was about to burst with rage, and the lingering fury in his heart was snuffed out. His broad hand covered her small hand, his pitch-black eyes reflecting her infuriated expression. His low and rough voice lightly drifted in the night. “My heart aches for you. Does your hand hurt?”

Even the car ended up with a hole from her punch, but her hand remained fair and dainty without the slightest sign of broken skin.

Ye Wanwan was almost instantly mesmerized by Si Yehan’s beauty. Her expression was hesitant as she asked, “You… you want to climb my wall?”

Ye Wanwan’s voice was still androgynous but it was returning to the soft and pure voice of a girl.

Thankfully, she wasn’t talking loudly and Gong Xu and the others were hiding as far away as they could, so they didn’t hear her.

Si Yehan’s eyes were like the starry sea. “I’ve been yours from the start.”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes widened. “Eh? Really? Since when? Why didn’t I know this?”

Si Yehan’s lips twitched imperceptibly. “You’ll know when you’re sober.”

Ye Wanwan wasn’t too happy. “Why do I have to wait until I’m sober? I think I’m fine just like this!”

Xu Yi and the hidden bodyguards: ‘It’s not fine at all!!!’

This beating… happened for no reason at all…

What was most tragic was that their master didn’t ask whether the victims were okay. Instead, he asked the attacker if her hand hurt!

This was so cruel!

They were so moved though… Master finally came out to pacify her!

This was the first time they ate dog food so willingly! This was lifesaving dog food!

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