Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 112: Stuffed

Chapter 112: Stuffed

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This girl simply coaxed him a little and Si Ye Han actually stopped wiping his hand. Even his frightful countenance had returned to normal and there seemed to be some warmth in his eyes.

Compared to this girl in front, the girl from before was complete garbage!

Cui Hao couldn't help but probe Lin Que further, "Young master Lin, where did this sacred being come from?"

"She's just the ugly freak..." Lin Que rubbed his chin and grumbled while he looked towards Ye Wanwan with a mind filled with doubt and suspicion.

When did this arsonist, Ye Wanwan, become a firefighter?

Cui Hao: "...Huh?"

Ugly freak? Was Lin Que blind?

Seeing Cui Hao in a daze, Lin Que reminded him gruffly, "What huh?! You're lucky you were saved. Hurry up and get your woman to leave!"

I was scared half to death! If it wasn't for Ye Wanwan coming over tonight, I wouldn't have been able to settle this incident!

Cui Hao nodded continuously. While Si Ye Han was still in a good mood, he quickly signalled to the girl on the ground.

The girl got up quickly and rushed to Si Ye Han to apologise in a jitter, "9th master, I'm so so, sorry, I..."

"Get out." Si Ye Han looked annoyed.

The girl initially thought she was dead meat; she didn't expect there to be a solution allowing her to be let off. She couldn't believe it and was stunned for a moment before bowing non-stop, "Yes! Thank you, 9th master, for your generosity!"

Before she left, the girl took a glance at the girl next to Si Ye Han out of curiosity.

It turns out that... Si Ye Han doesn't hate women, he's just disinterested in other women...

Since Si Ye Han suddenly became so easygoing, Cui Hao wept in joy, "9th master, I'm really sorry about today--I'll punish myself with 3 glasses! Punish myself with 3 glasses!"

He was itching to slap himself in punishment. He thought that the girl he'd found was already of the highest quality but who knew that 9th master already had a woman of such unrivalled beauty by his side.

No wonder he was disinterested in all the other prey in the wild!

At this moment, everybody in the box had the same thinking as Cui Hao, as they sized up the girl next to Si Ye Han.

Ye Wanwan didn't look at any of them. She sat close to Si Ye Han without looking around and her little hand grabbed some peanuts from the table from time to time.

Si Ye Han naturally noticed these unpleasant looks. However, seeing that Ye Wanwan was sitting next to him obediently and cracking peanuts like a happy little squirrel with her face filled with happiness, his expression turned warm again.

Ye Wanwan buried her head and skilfully cracked a small bunch of peanuts, but instead of eating them, she placed all of them in front of Si Ye Han and indicated for him to partake.

Since Si Ye Han hadn't had anything that whole night aside from drinks, he finished every single peanut on the girl's hand.

Probably because of a guilty conscience, Ye Wanwan used every ounce of energy to please Si Ye Han. After feeding him peanuts, she fed him pistachios, and after the pistachios, she fed him some fruits. Her only wish was for the situation to improve.

As for Si Ye Han, he had already stopped drinking and ate whatever the girl fed him.

Basically... All the other innocent people in the box were also stuffed already...

Lin-single-dog-Que's face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He felt that all of them were no longer light bulbs [1]; they were simply like the sun and moon shining bottomless rays of light!

Damn it, it was agreed that nobody was allowed to bring a girl! Yet you called for a girl over yourself and tortured everybody like that?

Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: In Chinese, a light bulb is a slang we use to call a third-wheeler-- someone intruding a couple's date.

The reason why it's called light bulb has to do with the ideal dating situation-- a nice, dark and intimate setting where a couple can enjoy.

But instead, the couple can't enjoy this moment because you're hanging around, like a light bulb, making everything too bright and public to enjoy.

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