Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 111: A time for reconciliation

Chapter 111: A time for reconciliation

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Thinking about the fate of the Wang family, Cui Hao finally realised his own fate and he rushed over to Si Ye Han with a face of imminent death and begged for mercy, "9th master! I was wrong! I've learned from my mistake! I shouldn't have violated your taboo! This... You can do whatever you want with this woman! Do whatever pleases you!"

He had thought this woman was out of his league so he couldn't bear to use her himself, offering her as a tribute to Si Ye Han instead. Who knew that he sealed his own fate.

Is Si Ye Han a man at all? Faced with a woman of such beauty yet he's completely indifferent to her!

Once the girl heard that, her whole face was in disbelief and despair; she hadn't expected that she would be sold out just like that. However with her status, she couldn't say a word in defence and could only fall to the ground and cry in despair.

Just then, on the sofa, the man who was ceaselessly wiping the back of his hand with the disinfectant tissue suddenly turned and looked towards the door.

Lin Que followed Si Ye Han's gaze and looked over, furrowing his brows, "Who's hiding there?"

Ye Wanwan's spine stiffened; she was so frightened by Si Ye Han's icy blade-like eyes that she stumbled in immediately.

The moment Ye Wanwan entered, the box filled with cries of mercy and tears was silenced in an instant.

Cui Hao was in a daze. He kept his mouth wide open and stood stupefied. The girl's expression was also lifeless.

All they saw was a girl who entered the box abruptly who had black hair, wore a white dress and had skin as fair as snow and eyes twinkling like the stars over the autumn streams.

Lin Que saw Ye Wanwan and his expression turned black. Why is this troublemaker here?

"9th... 9th master... I'm here..." Having been found out for her peeping, Ye Wanwan rearranged the edge of her dress nervously and walked in Si Ye Han's direction.

Everybody was startled by the sudden appearance of the girl and started speculating non-stop about Ye Wanwan's identity.

Doesn't Si Ye Han detest woman? Why did he call a girl over himself?

They thought the girl that Cui Hao found was of the highest calibre already, but compared to this girl in front of them, she suddenly became dull in comparison.

Seeing the man on the sofa's bloodthirsty gaze, Ye Wanwan sighed deeply.

I'm really unlucky. Why did I come when he's fuming mad?

She had roughly gained a sense of the current situation: Si Ye Han hated the touch of this woman, just like a person with OCD.

Some patients with OCD washed their hands for an entire day and Si Ye Han's condition was similar; a single touch and he would wipe his hand continously until it was all mangled.

When she first found out about Si Ye Han's problem, she found it very strange. Am I not a woman too? Why's he fine with me?

Si Ye Han looked at the girl standing three steps away and his face darkened even more.

Seeing that Si Ye Han's expression was gloomy, Ye Wanwan hurriedly collected her thoughts and sat next to Si Ye Han quickly and started to pacify him.

She lifted her head, looked towards Xu Yi and asked, "Do you have any disinfectant?"

"Yes." Xu Yi took out a small bottle of spray from his body and handed it over, then shrank away in a swish.

Lin Que shot a look over at Ye Wanwan, speechless, "Don't bother, it doesn't work--he just sprayed an entire bottle on himself a second ago!"

Ye Wanwan ignored Lin Que and held Si Ye Han's hand.

Everybody saw that Ye Wanwan actually touched Si Ye Han's hand and was seized with terror, almost pissing on themselves.

However, in the next second, everyone was shocked to find that Si Ye Han didn't seem to have any reaction and actually allowed himself to be held obediently!

Ye Wanwan didn't care about the looks from everybody; she focused on spraying the disinfectant on the back of Si Ye Han's hand. Then, she used a tissue to wipe it clean, drew her rosy lips close to it and lightly blew at the red and swollen area. Finally, she kissed it as if she was coaxing a child, "Better?"

The gentle breeze on the back of his hand and her warm and soft touch inexplicably made Si Ye Han's mania calm down suddenly...

After a moment of silence, Si Ye Han nodded, "Mhm."

Lin Que spat a mouthful of wine out, "Damn! My eyes!"

Cui Hao: "...!!!" Damn it! That actually worked ?


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