Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 110: The broken taboo

Chapter 110: The broken taboo

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Half an hour later, in Jia Lan bar:

At the entrance of the top floor in the box reserved only for designated VIPs, Ye Wanwan paused to take a deep breath and told herself to stay calm no matter what happened.

"Miss Ye, please come in!"

Xu Yi was about to push the door open when Ye Wanwan stopped him, "Wait, wait, don't open the door! Let me assess the situation first!"

After speaking, Ye Wanwan quietly pushed the door open, left a small gap, and then carefully looked inside.

Behind her, Xu Yi watched as Ye Wanwan acted all shady and the corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably. However, as long as she was willing to cooperate, he was already very thankful.

Even after she'd done enough mental preparation, she was still frightened by the glimpse of the scene she saw from pushing open the door.

There weren't many people in the box--she only recognized Lin Que and a few people who were probably from Si Ye Han's circle.

At that moment, Si Ye Han was seated at the corner of the sofa, holding onto a wet tissue. He was leisurely wiping the back of his hand which showed a visible red patch; his skin was almost torn but he didn't seem to have the slightest intention of stopping.

And his current expression was dark and cold, as if his whole being was engulfed by the dark night without the tiniest bit of light left.

A pale girl stood trembling opposite Si Ye Han, like a criminal who was waiting for her death sentence.

The girl looked very beautiful, and with her red and teary eyes, she was even more moving.

However, facing such a delicate beauty, Si Ye Han's face was still as cold as ice.

Seeing such a strange situation, Ye Wanwan couldn't help but be stupefied.

What's going on here?

As her head was filled with confusion, she could see a slightly plump young man with his face bathed in sweat trying to mediate the situation, "9th master, this girl didn't do it intentionally. You're a great man; you don't have to stoop to pettiness or hold grudges for past wrongs..."

Huh, didn't do it intentionally?

Si Ye Han turned his gaze and looked towards the man.

That terrible and suffocatingly unbearable glance invaded the entire space. The man was so scared that his heart almost stopped beating. He hurriedly lowered his head to avoid that frightening sight as he turned to Lin Que for help, "Young master Lin, you see this..."

Lin Que also felt that Si Ye Han was being too sensitive--the girl only touched him a little yet his reaction was as if he loathed her touch to the point that he was willing to chop off his hands off and deal with the resulting bloodbath.

But what else could be done? Si Ye Han's hatred for women was common knowledge in his circle; it was their fault for breaking the taboo.

Lin Que was frustrated and glared at him, "Don't look at me! It's not as if you didn't know my 9th brother's rules--what's the meaning of calling this girl over? You were purposely looking for trouble!"

Thinking about it made his blood boil. Everything was his fault and Si Ye Han's mood was already off today. This tactless dummy just had to break Si Ye Han's taboo and get him involved too.

As if the shadow of death loomed over them, the room full of people trembled with fear.

Cui Hao was so remorseful that his intestines turned green. On a small scale, it was this woman's fault alone. However, looking at the big picture, the entire Cui family was responsible.

Rumor had it that previously, the Wang family was expelled from Imperial City overnight due to an attempt to make their daughter closer to Si Ye Han.

This girl hadn't even gotten close to Si Ye Han's body--she merely brushed his hand accidentally while passing over the wine, but this man was brutal and inhumane. As if he would reason with you!

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