Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 109: 9th master wants to see you

Chapter 109: 9th master wants to see you

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"There's a really good saying: the enemy of your enemy is your friend! You should give it some thought. If you're willing, Iguarantee that one day, I can make the Song Zi Hang, who casts you aside without a second glance, turn into someone whose eyeballs are glued to you non-stop! Of course if you want me to delete the post, I'm fine with that too!" Ye Wanwan then left, confident that her extremely convincing words could entice Jiang Yan Ran.

Jiang Yan Ran stared blankly at Ye Wanwan's retreating figure. Although she didn't trust Ye Wanwan, she had to admit that the story Ye Wanwan described for her was simply too enticing!

What she couldn't take lying down was that Song Zi Hang actually hadn't loved her at all from beginning to end and what she hated most were Shen Meng Qi's lies and trickery!

She wanted Song Zi Hang to regret his decision! She wanted Shen Meng Qi to pay the price!

However, she didn't know what to do by herself. If she knew, she wouldn't have landed in this state today.

Ye Wanwan, should I trust her...?


After speaking to Jiang Yan Ran, Ye Wanwan returned to the dormitory, removed her make up, put on a facial mask and took a bath.

She laid in bed, thinking about how to deal with that guy...

Actually, there isn't much difference between Si Xia and Ling Dong, right? Maybe, as long as I express my heartfelt feelings, Si Ye Han won't care so much?

Ye Wanwan grabbed her phone while thinking.

Just as she was deciding whether to give Si Ye Han a call, her phone suddenly rang, making her jump.

When she saw the incoming call display, she was even more shocked.

It was Xu Yi calling!

"Hello, Miss Ye?"

"Housekeeper Xu, is something wrong?" Ye Wanwan asked.

"Miss Ye, 9th master wants to see you."

Ye Wanwan's heart skipped a beat, "Where is he?"

"Jia Lan bar. I'm already at your school gate, see you at the usual spot." Xu Yi replied.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath, "Got it, I'll leave now."

After she hung up, Ye Wanwan didn't dare delay and didn't have time to pack up either. She quickly changed and left.

It was like that in her past life as well. No matter where she was, whenever and wherever, if Si Ye Han wanted to see her, she had to rush over immediately.

Actually, whenever Si Ye Han wanted to see her, nothing much happened usually. Often, after she went over, he'd be busy with his things while she sat around within his line of sight.

Sometimes, he'd just take a glance at her and then let her go back; it was simply baffling.

Now that she thought about it, each time Si Ye Han ordered her to come to him, his condition and mood were usually awful. It was only when she appeared in his line of sight that he would be at ease.

Si Ye Han's in a bad mood now?

What could be the cause?

Linking his mood to what happened that day, Ye Wanwan inexplicably had a bad feeling...

Ye Wanwan got in the car with an uneasy feeling. She tried finding out from Xu Yi who was driving. "Why'd he ask me to come over all of a sudden? Did something happen?"

Xu Yi was stunned by Ye Wanwan at first glance. She didn't have any makeup on and wore a very simple white dress but was so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes off her; she was truly a genuine beauty with flesh of ice and bones of jade, like a white lotus flower...

Xu Yi regained his senses very quickly and replied, "Sorry Miss Ye, I'm not too sure either. You know what 9th master is like; I'm just following orders!"

"How's his mood today then?" Ye Wanwan asked again.

"It's..." Xu Yi suddenly went silent.

Judging by Xu Yi's reaction, Ye Wanwan sighed and resigned to her fate. She already knew the answer.

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