Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 108: Let’s team up!

Chapter 108: Let’s team up!

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She initially thought that the post was created by Fang Qin or someone else who was there and had witnessed the injustice done to her, but she didn't expect that person to be Ye Wanwan!

This post that was speaking up for her, helping her right wrongs, was unexpectedly… unexpectedly created by the one she had always seen as an enemy, Ye Wanwan?

How could it be...

"Isn’t Shen Meng Qi your best friend? Why did you do this?" Jiang Yan Ran asked in a daze.

Ye Wanwan raised her brows and looked at her. "*scoff* Best friend? She was also your best friend! But I’m not like you--so stupid that you needed someone to tell you before realising that you were being fooled!"

Actually, Ye Wanwan felt quite guilty when she said these words as she herself had also been stupid for her entire life before her brain started working again.

"You…" Jiang Yan Ran realised that she didn’t understand the girl in front of her at all.

Could it be that Ye Wanwan didn’t blurt those words out accidentally, but she actually said them in front of everybody on purpose?

Could it be that Shen Meng Qi also double-crossed Ye Wanwan and she found out so her attitude took a dramatic turn?

The more Jiang Yan Ran thought about it, the more plausible it was. She even remembered how Ye Wanwan had been cast out of their group. It was when Shen Meng Qi accidentally revealed that Ye Wanwan had a sugar daddy outside of school, had a chaotic private life and even contracted a dirty disease.

Thinking back, considering Shen Meng Qi’s character, the credibility of everything she said was questionable!

Despite Jiang Yan Ran’s shocked expression, Ye Wanwan knew that she was smart enough to understand most things. Thus, with a devious expression, she said,

"Big Missy Jiang, do you want Song Zi Hang to fall madly in love with you? Do you want to reveal Shen Meng Qi’s true colours in front of everyone and ruin her reputation? Do you want to let Song Zi Hang see Shen Meng Qi’s true colours and regret not choosing you earlier?"

Even though Jiang Yan Ran didn't respond, her eyes got brighter with each sentence that Ye Wanwan spoke. It was obvious that every word resonated with her heart.

At the end of her speech, Ye Wanwan winked and said, "Let’s team up!"

Jiang Yan Ran was stunned for a moment and looked at her hesitantly, "Team up? Why should I believe you? Why should I team up with you?"

Ye Wanwan gave it a thought, "Because I’m pretty?"

"..." Jiang Yan Ran’s expression darkened.

"Because we have a common enemy, is this reason enough?" This time, Ye Wanwan replied seriously.

Due to Si Ye Han’s restrictions, there were many things that she couldn’t do. She didn’t even dare to leave the school every day so she definitely needed a partner.

Jiang Yan Ran took a long time to make up her mind, then said, "May I ask why? Why are you going against Shen Meng Qi all of a sudden?"

Ye Wanwan grinned, "Coincidentally, like you, because she seduced my man!"

"Your man…" Jiang Yan Ran was somewhat surprised, probably because she didn’t really believe that Ye Wanwan had a man.

Or maybe Ye Wanwan was like her and had a secret crush on a guy!

All things considered, Jiang Yan Ran did empathize with her.

So, the harsh words Ye Wanwan used to provoke me just now, were, in fact, to prevent me from taking things too hard?

Although she saw Ye Wanwan differently now, she had also just been lied to and Jiang Yan Ran didn't trust others easily so she said warily, "Don’t think just by casually saying a few words that I'll trust you--we’re still enemies!"

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