Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 107: You were the one who created the post?

Chapter 107: You were the one who created the post?

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Ye Wanwan was in hiding and had seen everything up to this point.

Not good! Something's up with Jiang Yan Ran!

It isn't that because of my interference, instead of allowing Jiang Yan Ran to come to her senses, she's considering suicide right?

Ye Wanwan thought that at this point in time, Jiang Yan Ran didn't have a deep affection for Song Zi Hang yet and was salvageable if she came to her senses, but it looked like she was wrong.

The two of them grew up together. Jiang Yan Ran’s wish ever since she was little was to marry Song Zi Hang and become his wife. Now that her dream was dashed, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that her whole world had fallen apart.

Furthermore, she was betrayed by her most trusted friend at the same time.

She had personally suffered from Shen Meng Qi’s skills after all. Back then, she was also really close with her and would go everywhere with her, played with her, fought together, cried and laughed with her, skipped classes with her, chased Gu Yue Ze with her and even repeated a grade in school with her.

Not only did she treat her as her best friend, she even saw her as her future sister-in-law and treated her as family.

Who knew that behind her back was a plot to ruin her...

The more you care, the more upset you'll be when you find out the truth...

Seeing that Jiang Yan Ran was only half a step away from the lake, Ye Wanwan pinched her nose bridge, quickly walked out of the dark and called out leisurely, "Oh! Look who it is? Isn’t this our Miss High and Mighty Jiang Yan Ran? Being here so late at night, don’t tell me you’re trying to take your own life because you got ditched!"

Jiang Yan Ran’s back stiffened. Her initial dull and sluggish eyes suddenly glared towards Ye Wanwan fiercely. She gritted her teeth and said, "Ye Wanwan! You’re happy seeing me like this now right, you’re pleased right?"

Ye Wanwan smirked and with a snarkish tone, she said, "Of course, if you jumped now that would make me even happier. Eh, why aren’t you jumping anymore?"

"You…" Jiang Yan Ran’s face turned red in anger, "You wish!"

Jiang Yan Ran took a step back after saying that, "It's just Song Zi Hang, why would I care? With my family background, I can have any man I want! I just hate being lied to!"

Oh, not bad, it worked...

Ye Wanwan nodded repeatedly, "Right, right, that’s right. Big missy Jiang naturally didn’t have to worry about marriage! It’s his loss!"

Seeing that she was as aggressive as a rooster and looked like she could fight with her for eight hundred rounds, she had probably given up the idea of suicide. Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the grass casually, continuing to scroll through the post.

Jiang Yan Ran couldn’t give in to being provoked; she had been prepared to have a big fight with Ye Wanwan but didn’t expect that she would play with her phone, halfway through the quarrel. She felt like she'd be punching a strawman, causing no damage no matter how hard she punched.

After her emotions fluctuated wildly, she felt like all the energy in her body had been drained. She sank to the ground and hugged her knees expressionlessly, "Ye Wanwan, do you hate me that much… Am I… Really that intolerable…"

Seeing that Ye Wanwan didn't respond and kept focusing on her phone, Jiang Yan Ran subconsciously looked over.

In the end, when she saw that Ye Wanwan was in the midst of replying to the post, her expression changed.

In Ye Wanwan’s reply box, the ID indicated "Gossip Porter"!

"You… You're Gossip Porter?! You were the one that wrote that post about Shen Meng Qi?" Jiang Yan Ran asked in astonishment.


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