Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 113: Sucking up to the right person

Chapter 113: Sucking up to the right person

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"9th master, this is...?" Someone tried to ask him.

Si Ye Han hated when people probed about his personal affairs. That person instantly regretted asking but didn't expect him to actually reply with a word——


Hearing that one word, everybody in the box was shocked.


This is no ordinary girl!

They had all thought she was just an ordinary person but in the end, she actually was special to him?

The corners of Lin Que's mouth twitched as he glanced at Si Ye Han. Could it be that this guy asked Ye Wanwan over to let her take an oath of sovereignty?

Cui Hao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and quickly tried to curry favour with the 9th master, "Aiya, no wonder 9th master rarely gets close to women--he already has such a beautiful girlfriend hidden at home! May I know your name, please?"

"Hello everybody, my surname is Ye." Ye Wanwan gave them a simple greeting.


Everybody mentally sifted through all the noble families with the surname Ye in Imperial City instantly. In the end, they still couldn't figure out exactly which Ye family it was.

There seemed to be only one slightly prominent Ye family in Imperial City, but that family's status was far below everybody in the circle. Furthermore, that family's daughter was already engaged to the Gu family.

Everyone just left it at that and didn't dare to probe further. They continued drinking and chatting to liven things up.

Things were very straightforward from that point onwards. The project that Cui Hao spent half a year working hard on but hadn't managed to close with Si Ye Han finally reached a conclusion that night.

Finally, when they clinked glasses, Cui Hao was teary-eyed as he looked at Ye Wanwan gratefully, as if she was the goddess of mercy saving people in distress.

He initially thought that he was dead meat. Who knew that not only was the crisis defused, he also managed to succeed in closing this important deal.

Just like in ancient times when powerful ministers liked presenting women to the emperor's harem, there were all these people who presented women to Si Ye Han and he was no different.

But seeing Si Ye Han shun the concubine today and the way he spoiled that girl, he realised they didn't stand a chance anymore. If the others were careless, they would end up in the same situation as him just now.

However, it was possible to strike somewhere else...

Before leaving, Cui Hao took out a golden card from his chest enthusiastically and gave it to Ye Wanwan. He said with a big smile on his face, "Miss Ye, it's my first time meeting you. This is a humble little token from my heart."

Ye Wanwan scanned the card with the corners of her eyes and her eyes glistened instantly. It was the gold card from one of the biggest luxury shopping malls in Imperial City, Parkson Plaza.

With just this card, you could enjoy top VIP services and luxury goods at extremely discounted prices.

Usually, aside from the internal top management, holders of the card had to spend at least ten million.

For those truly wealthy people, buying a piece of jewellery would probably be enough to reach that amount. But for ordinary people and even to the average wealthy family, they could never afford to spend that much money at a mall.

This man is just simply giving me a Parkson gold card like that ?

Cui Hao... Cui... Damn! She suddenly recalled that this person might just be the young master of the Parkson Corporation.

Realising this, Ye Wanwan didn't accept it and glanced at Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han looked at Cui Hao plainly and didn't seem troubled by his actions, "Accept it."

Seeing that Si Ye Han consented, Ye Wanwan then accepted it, "Thank you!"

Cui Hao heaved a sigh of relief, "Don't mention it, don't mention it. I couldn't think of anything to give you. You girls love shopping so I thought you might like this!"

He could tell that this woman's influence over Si Ye Han wasn't to be underestimated, so he'd better build a good relationship with her.

After Si Ye Han's car left, Lin Que turned to Cui Hao who was next to him, "Good thinking!"

Cui Hao forced a laugh, "As the saying goes, those who adjust their actions to the circumstances are wise! But young master Lin, where did this woman come from? Can't you tell us a little?"

Lin Que lit a cigarette, "I can't tell you where she came from, but I can tell you..."


"You've sucked up to the right person."

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