Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1113 - Somewhat Similar

Chapter 1113: Somewhat Similar

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The next day, Ye Wanwan arrived at the Jiang family home to visit Jiang Yanran’s parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang were too passionate because they kept encouraging her to eat more. It wasn’t until she quickly recounted what happened the previous night that she was let off the hook.

Otherwise, if she ate until she was stuffed today, the adult-child duo at home would nag her to death.

“Ah, Wanwan, luckily you’ve been by Yanran’s side all these years. Otherwise, who knows how Yanran would’ve ended up…” Every time they remembered how they hadn’t seen Song Zi Hang’s true colors and how they nearly married their daughter into the Song family, which was equivalent to throwing their daughter into a fire, the Jiang couple shivered from the fear in their hearts.

“Uncle, Auntie, you’re being overly polite. Yanran’s my friend,” Ye Wanwan replied.

“It was also thanks to your help with the casting call this time. To be able to work with Director Peng in her first film, our Yanran is so lucky to have you as a friend. It’s truly a blessing!” Mrs. Jiang couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. If Ye Wanwan had been a man, she would definitely have married her daughter off to her.

Jiang Yanran immediately added, “Dad, mom, Wanwan is really amazing. She was really accurate when she helped me figure out the plot details!”

“At the time, many other capable girls also drew the same scene and I heard the producer saying that their performances were all better than mine. They danced more beautifully, but in the end, Director Peng still chose me…”

“Really? Why was that?” Mrs. Jiang asked with curiosity.

Jiang Yanran replied, “It was Wanwan who specifically told me that if I were to draw this scene, I needed to hold back when I danced. She said that I should enjoy the dance without showing off.”

“Because in that scene, the main female protagonist had a condition after losing her memory. Although she was a great dancer prior to losing her memory, dancing is a kind of thing that needs endless training in order to maintain the fluidity of movement. For a person who hasn’t danced in so many years, if they suddenly had to dance, the body wouldn’t be able to recreate the same quality of movement even if they loved dancing…”

“That makes sense! So it was like that. Not many would notice this type of small detail.” Mr Jiang nodded.

“So I purposely performed with a few flaws so it seemed as though I was dancing as I normally would. Once I finished performing, Director Peng asked me why I performed like that and I told him the truth. Afterwards, Director Peng chose me.” Jiang Yanran got excited as she recounted the story.

Ye Wanwan smiled. “I was only explaining a little about the female protagonist.”

Ye Wanwan appeared listless as she seemed to have suddenly thought of something when she stopped speaking.

She realized that ever since she had been reborn, she felt she suddenly had a lot of potential and talent in martial arts. It was only that her body wouldn’t listen to her and would always run out of steam.

Isn’t feeling the same as what Jiang Yanran’s character is feeling?

It wasn’t that she had talent but never learned martial arts. Instead, she was more like a machine that hadn’t been used in years.

So when she started exercising and recovering, her movements and fighting abilities kept getting better…

Once she realized she had gone too deep into her thoughts, Ye Wanwan immediately came out of her reverie and said, “I’m here today because of a specific matter.”

After Ye Wanwan said that, she took out a contract.

Once Jiang Yanran saw it, she instantly accepted the contract happily. “Is this our contract? Wanwan, you’re finally willing to give me a title! Mom, quickly hand me a pen!”

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