Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1114 - Whose little sister

Chapter 1114: Whose little sister

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Ye Wanwan laughed. “No need to hurry, I still haven’t finished talking!”

Jiang Yanran grumbled, “You can continue after I’ve signed it!”

Ye Wanwan looked at Jiang Yanran then at Mr. and Mrs. Jiang before sternly continuing, “Yanran, things aren’t as simple as you think. Today, Worldwide Entertainment and Emperor Sky Entertainment are both secretly targeting us, especially Emperor Sky Entertainment. They’ll definitely do anything to suppress us this time. You also know about my family situation.”

“This is a hard war which I’m not even sure I can win. So for the sake of insurance, I’m giving you this contract. But you don’t need to sign it right now. Wait until the Golden Orchid Awards are over and after the results are out, you can sign it then. This is safer for you because if anything were to happen to Age of the Immortals, you won’t get caught up in it.”

It was because of her company’s circumstances that she didn’t sign Jiang Yanran.

Jiang Yanran went silent and suddenly felt unhappy. “Why? In your opinion of me, do you think I can’t share your hardships?”

“How could that be?” Ye Wanwan gently coaxed her. “Part of the reason is for your own good but it’s also because of me. If I were to involve you in this, wouldn’t my losses be too great? After all, you’re my trump card!”

Once Jiang Yanran heard that, her expression warmed up by several degrees. Mr. and Mrs. Jiang also nodded when they heard that, looking at Ye Wanwan with approval.

When the Jiang couple first heard from Yanran that she wanted Wanwan to be her manager, they were a bit worried since Wanwan was only older than Yanran by one or two years.

But now, after experiencing so much, the old couple’s opinion of Ye Wanwan had completely changed.

Although this child wasn’t that much older than Yanran, she was much more mature and thought more about the bigger picture. They could tell she was treating their Yanran wholeheartedly.

“Yanran, what Wanwan says makes sense. This is the best for the both of you,” Mr. Jiang said.

Jiang Yanran stared at the contract in her hands and gradually, her grip tightened before she finally replied, “Alright, I’ll wait until after the Golden Orchid Awards before signing.”

All along, it was Wanwan who kept helping her and even at this point in time, she was still thinking of her.

This time, she definitely had to work her hardest in order to help Wanwan.

She needed to do well in this film so that when the time came, she could stand on the award stage and proudly tell everyone that her manager was Ye Bai.

Ye Wanwan didn’t stay long because she needed to deal with the matter of hiring staff in the afternoon.

After changing her clothes, Ye Wanwan arrived at the company.

Ye Wanwan told Ye Mufan about the matter regarding Jiang Yanran.

Ye Mufan was shocked after learning about it. “Damn, you were actually hiding a trump card? That being said, this means our company will finally have female artists?”

Ye Wanwan: “Don’t even think about it. She already has a partner and I was the matchmaker.”

Ye Mufan’s expression darkened. “How could you think that?! Is your brother that uncontrollable in your eyes? But Wanwan… Does this mean… Since year three of high-school… You’ve already been preparing…”

At that time, his impression of Ye Wanwan was that she was a rebellious teenage girl who dressed repulsively and would live or die for Gu Yueze.

Never did he imagine that from that point onwards, his little sister had already begun planning with such patience…

Ye Wanwan frowned when she saw Ye Mufan staring at her. “What are you staring at me for?”

Ye Mufan rubbed his chin. “Hey, Wanwan, are you still my little sister?”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. “If I’m not your little sister, whose little sister am I?”

Ye Mufan abruptly appeared satisfied. “Haha, mine. Besides me, who else could have such an awesome little sister?!”

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