Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1112 - Strong willed but disabled physically

Chapter 1112: Strong willed but disabled physically

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Ye Wanwan swept her gaze over the contents of the resume.

Yao Jiawen, 24 years old. Her previous employer was Wisdom Media, and she had been in charge of two third-rate celebrities.

The girl appeared young but had already been in the industry for six years. She worked as a part-time intern when she was still in university then worked her way up slowly from being an assistant until she finally became a manager. She seemed very reliable.

Moreover, she was able to nurture two third-rate celebrities with resources that she had to compete for in Wisdom, which was considered a highly competitive company. This meant she was also capable.

From her resume, it was clear her family circumstances weren’t very good but she was willing to work hard. To be able to get to where she was in six years meant she worked several times harder than the average person.

Ye Wanwan’s company had just taken its first steps and she needed hardworking employees like this…

Ye Wanwan handed over the resume to Yao Jiawen then decided to test the waters when she said, “Miss Yao, I apologize but I saw your resume just now. Dare I ask – are you still looking for a job?”

Yao Jiawen nodded. “Yes…”

“I saw that you previously worked at Wisdom Media. Wisdom isn’t a bad company in this industry, so why did you quit?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Yao Jiawen bitterly smiled. “It’s just the usual company competitiveness. I was ousted. Our company only looks at results and if we don’t meet quotas, we have to leave.”

“Miss, I can tell you seem to understand how this industry works and that it’s very intense. If someone doesn’t have any money or connections, it’s almost impossible to make a living… I worked at Wisdom for six years but in the end, I was still abandoned…”

Yao Jiawen’s face was filled with fatigue and loneliness.

Ye Wanwan understood Yao Jiawen’s circumstances. This industry was simply that cruel. No matter how hard you worked, if you had no money or connections, you still wouldn’t stand out even after ten or twenty years. There were too many people who had to give up and change careers.

“I was wondering if Miss Yao knows about Age of the Immortals ?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Yao Jiawen thought about it before answering, “I’ve heard of that name. It’s a new start-up company?”

Ye Wanwan nodded in reply. “Yes, if Miss Yao is interested, you can give them a try. They’ve been hiring managers lately.”

When she talked to Ye Mufan about hiring staff before, Ye Mufan had already sent out the posting and had recently begun hiring.

Yao Jiawen speechlessly peered at her. “You are?”

Ye Wanwan replied, “My friend works at that company as the director of the talent recruitment department. I heard they’re hiring now and I noticed your resume seems to match the requirements, so I mentioned it. This is his card. If you’re interested, you can directly contact him.”

After Ye Wanwan finished speaking, she handed Ye Bai’s business card over to Yao Jiawen.

“So it’s like this,” Yao Jiawen accepted the card from Ye Wanwan and emotionally said, “Miss, I’m really grateful. Thank you. I’ll definitely try for the job!”

Ye Wanwan: “You’re welcome.”

Yao Jiawen thanked her several more times before leaving.

Soon after, Si Yehan had finished buying digestive pills and returned. He glanced at the girl who was leaving. “Who were you just talking to?”

“I coincidentally met a girl and saw her resume on the ground. When I helped her pick it up, I realized she was working in the same industry. She didn’t seem bad, so I tried to hire her! Ah, look at me, I’m dressed like this and I still can’t forget my job. Isn’t this what you call being strong willed in a disabled body?” Ye Wanwan sighed.

Tangtang was speechless. Did Mommy use the wrong idiom again?

Hm, that’s not right. Mommy is never wrong. Even when Mommy is wrong, she’s still right!

Si Yehan silently looked at the girl before him then handed her a bottle of water and the pills. “Take your medicine.”

After he finished talking, he worriedly added, “Make sure to drink more water.”

This girl… No matter what she looks like… She still makes me worry…

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