Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1111 - This doesn't look too safe

Chapter 1111: This doesn’t look too safe

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“Let me think. I think her name was Jiang… her name was Jiang Yanran…” the assistant replied.

“It was actually her!” Once Liang Shihan remembered Jiang Yanran’s close relationship to Ye Wanwan, her expression became even uglier.

“Sister Yiyi, can’t you think of something? I really want to act in Director Peng’s film. Jiang Yanran succeeded and she’s only a student without a company backing her. Isn’t it nonsense that I didn’t succeed?” Liang Shihan begged as she tugged on Ye Yiyi’s sleeve.

Ye Yiyi frowned. “Shihan, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, and if it was a different director, our company could still rely on favors, but Peng Yuanhu is a director who casts based off his mood. No one can sway him. The casting for this film has already been decided, so don’t think about it anymore. The company will make better arrangements for you.”

Once Liang Shihan heard that Ye Yiyi wouldn’t help her, she immediately became unhappy up until the last sentence. Only then did she brighten up a little. “Really? Thank you so much, Sister Yiyi. I knew you would treat me the best!”

Ye Yiyi laughed. “We’re family. You don’t need to thank me.”

Liang Shihan appeared satisfied. “Sister Yiyi, you don’t need to worry. You’re the eldest miss of the Ye family and the only eldest miss. Ye Wanwan and her family can’t even show their faces in public so they can’t possibly make something out of nothing! What Life and Death Struggle ? Just from the name, you can tell it won’t become popular. Let’s wait for them to go bankrupt!”

At a hot-pot restaurant.

Ye Wanwan ate until she couldn’t eat anymore before she finally rested, content.

After the bill was paid, Si Yehan didn’t directly get the car because Ye Wanwan was still too full, so they went on a stroll with Tangtang.

“Are you still not feeling well?” Si Yehan had a helpless expression as he watched the girl rubbing her stomach.

“Hm… I don’t feel well…” Ye Wanwan mourned. “Why didn’t you two remind me to eat less!”

Si Yehan: “…”

Tangtang: “Mommy, Tangtang was wrong…”

The father-son pair shared the same thoughts. She was eating so happily – who could bear to tell her to eat less?

Si Yehan glanced at the pharmacy across the street then said to Ye Wanwan, “Wait here a bit. I’ll go buy you some digestive pills.”

“Oh… Okay…” Ye Wanwan obediently nodded but after she agreed, she seemed worried. “But hurry back… It’s late at night… It’s not too safe… You’re so handsome… What if you encounter some female perverts…”

The corners of Si Yehan’s lips curved upwards. His expression was hard to read. “No one’s more perverted than you.”

Ye Wanwan instantly retorted back unhappily, “Hey, how am I perverted…”

Si Yehan’s been slandering me constantly! Really!

“Mommy, are you okay? Tangtang can rub your stomach for you!” The little fella helped Ye Wanwan rub her stomach with concern.

“Thank you, baby. Muah~”

Ye Wanwan was in the middle of circling the fountain when suddenly, a girl headed towards her.

The girl was looking down with a lot of stuff in her arms. She appeared absent-minded and wasn’t looking where she was going, so she ran straight into Ye Wanwan. The stuff in her hands scattered on the ground…

“Ah! I’m so sorry! Miss, are you alright?” Ye Wanwan watched as the girl bent down in front of her to pick up the stuff on the ground.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing… Sorry… I’m so sorry that I ran into you…” The girl kept apologizing.

Ye Wanwan helped pick up her stuff and noticed the contents of the papers. She couldn’t help but notice that the scattered papers were all the girl’s resumes.

The girl was working the same job as her. They were both managers…

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