Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1110 - Everything you say is right

Chapter 1110: Everything you say is right

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The family of three chose a hotpot restaurant for their celebration.

“Hehe, I got my diploma and Yanran also passed her audition, so this can be considered three simultaneous happy events in the family! Cheers!” Ye Wanwan joyfully held up her orange juice.

Si Yehan glanced at her. “Three happy events?”

Tangtang also blinked and inquired, “Mommy, isn’t it two happy events?”

Ye Wanwan propped her chin up and peered at Si Yehan. “Yes, three happy events. I graduated, Yanran passed her audition, and your dad’s EQ improved. There’s nothing wrong with my math!”

Si Yehan: “…”

Si Yehan glanced at her. “My EQ is really low?”

Ye Wanwan sighed. “In reality, with your looks, if your EQ was high, I should’ve fallen in love with you at first sight!”

There wouldn’t have been all that turmoil…

In reality, she never understood what she was thinking back then. How desperate did she have to be to not want someone like Si Yehan and be so hell-bent on a jackass like Gu Yueze?

She clearly had a thing for faces, so she shouldn’t have disliked Si Yehan so much even if he was a bit terrifying back then, right?

After all, for someone with a face complex, the most important principle was “You’re good-looking, so everything you say is right.”

If her attitude back then eased up just a little bit, Si Yehan wouldn’t have been so violently triggered by her, and there wouldn’t have been such a vicious cycle. Then their fate wouldn’t have been so tragic…

Si Yehan, whose heart was pierced by his wife: “…”

When Si Yehan heard Ye Wanwan’s words, his expression fluctuated for half a day before he stared at her darkly and said, “How do you know you didn’t fall in love with me at first sight?”

Ye Wanwan was startled. “Huh? I did? Why don’t I remember?”

She clearly remembered that she was directly brought to Jin Garden by the people sent by Si Yehan. As strangers who met for the first time, Si Yehan told her she would live there from now on and couldn’t go anywhere; there was no room for objection. Hence, their first meeting couldn’t be considered pleasant…

Si Yehan’s eyes darkened, but he quickly concealed the change in his eyes. “Let’s cut the cake. A mousse cake melts faster.”

“Oh, okay! Tangtang, bring the cake over here!” Ye Wanwan merely thought Si Yehan’s love at first sight question was an off-handed question, so she didn’t think too much of it and happily cut the cake.

At the same time, at Emperor Sky Entertainment:

Ye Yiyi, Liang Shihan, and Liang Shihan’s assistant were all in the conference room.

The assistant carefully said, “Sister Yiyi, I just received a reply from the film crew. Shihan didn’t get cast. Also, they said they found a suitable female lead…”

Ye Yiyi wasn’t surprised Liang Shihan didn’t pass the audition since Peng Yuanhu’s strictness was well known in the industry. Many big-name actresses also didn’t pass the audition.

However, there were only new talents in the college auditions, so she couldn’t help but feel surprised that they found a suitable female lead that fast.

Without waiting for Ye Yiyi to speak, Liang Shihan hurriedly asked, “They already found a suitable candidate? Who was it? Which company’s artist got accepted? Could it be Global’s?”

She was the only one from Emperor Sky who went, so whose company’s artist was it if it wasn’t hers?

The assistant answered, “I scouted around. I heard that it was a first-year student from Imperial Films who hasn’t signed onto a company yet. She signed the contract herself. She was probably lucky!”

Liang Shihan didn’t look too good when she heard that. “Also a student from Imperial Films like me? Who? Do I know her?”

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