Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1109 - Face is beaten swollen

Chapter 1109: Face is beaten swollen

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Professor Li stared at the man’s face and reflexively put away his son’s photo without a word. Then he suspiciously looked at Ye Wanwan. “Wanwan, this is…?”

Ye Wanwan helplessly covered her face and had no choice but to answer honestly, “Ahem, this… Professor Li, this… this is my boyfriend…”

Professor Li: “…”

This was the so-called “Prefer them uglier”?

Could it be because he was too old that his beauty standards were out-of-date now?

Ye Wanwan was currently at a loss for words and didn’t dare to meet Professor Li’s eyes.

Are you for real?! I just said I preferred them uglier, and Si Yehan showed up…

My face is beaten swollen, alright…

“Well then, um, Professor Li, if there’s nothing else, we’ll be leaving now!”

As soon as Ye Wanwan said that, she hurriedly pulled Si Yehan and ran away.

Ye Wanwan didn’t relax until they were far away and couldn’t see Professor Li anymore.

However, the moment she relaxed, a tingly feeling crept over her head.

Si Yehan’s low voice was heard next to her ears. “You prefer them uglier?”


“They feel safer?”

Ye Wanwan gulped and swiftly retorted, “Impossible!!! That’s because Professor Li kept trying to match me with his son and said his son was very handsome or something. Plus, he wouldn’t believe me when I said I had a boyfriend. I was at a complete loss, so I had to randomly make up an excuse that I preferred them uglier!”

Then Ye Wanwan deftly pulled up her phone’s selfie function and pushed the camera toward Si Yehan. “You only have to look at your face, and you’ll know that everything I said was to fool Professor Li! But the second I said that, you showed up! You made my face beaten swollen!”

On the phone screen, Si Yehan’s lips imperceptibly twitched. “…”

Upon seeing Si Yehan’s expression easing up, Ye Wanwan quickly changed the topic. “Oh, right, why are you here all of a sudden?”

Si Yehan glanced at her before handing the giant bouquet of roses to her. “Congratulations on graduating.”

“Ah…” Ye Wanwan stared at the bouquet, stunned. She felt extremely flattered. “These… these flowers are for me?”

Si Yehan glanced at her sideways. “Who else would it be for?”

Ye Wanwan blinked and hastily took the flowers into her arms. “Mine, mine, it’s mine!”

She was truly too surprised. She didn’t expect Si Yehan’s EQ to have improved so greatly!

“You… purposefully came here… because I’m graduating today?” Ye Wanwan probed.

Si Yehan’s expression looked a bit awkward, and he evaded her eyes. “Yes.”

As Ye Wanwan hugged the bouquet of roses, the loss she originally felt about graduation was instantly wiped away. “I thought I had to graduate by myself… Thank you, Ah-Jiu…”

Si Yehan couldn’t help but be entranced by the girl whose smile was warm like the summer sun as she held her flowers…

Ye Wanwan happily followed Si Yehan to the car.

As soon as Si Yehan opened the car door, Ye Wanwan saw that Tangtang was sitting in the back, and her face became even more surprised. “Baby Tangtang!!!”

Tangtang was holding a gigantic cake in his arms. He was also overjoyed when he saw Ye Wanwan. “Mommy! Congratulations on your graduation!”

The little fella wanted to pounce into Ye Wanwan’s arms immediately, but Si Yehan reminded him, “Be careful of the cake.”

Only then did Tangtang remember he was still holding the cake and had to sit back down obediently.

Hm, I kinda regret choosing to hold the cake instead of the roses…

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