Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1092 - The little devil was indulging in pleasure and forgot everything else

Chapter 1092: The little devil was indulging in pleasure and forgot everything else

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When Ye Wanwan heard the little fella’s words, she was both moved and conflicted.

After all, she wasn’t this child’s mom.

Ye Wanwan suppressed her disappointment and hurried to regain her spirits. She put on the costume again and held the little fella’s hand. “Tangtang, let’s go! Let’s go and find your daddy and have him take a photo for us!”

“Okay!” Tangtang happily held onto Ye Wanwan’s bear paw.

The costumed bear and child quickly reached Si Yehan with a patter.

Ye Wanwan dug out her phone from the chest pocket in front of the costume. “Ah-Jiu, Ah-Jiu! Help Tangtang and me take a photo!”

She really liked to take photos with Tangtang. Part of it was because she needed to send it to Nameless Nie, but more importantly, she wanted to leave more memories behind…

Si Yehan had a gentle expression as he accepted Ye Wanwan’s phone. “Alright.”

Si Yehan’s photography skills were excellent by now and he quickly finished taking several photos. Every photo was exquisite like a magazine shot and the composition was all according to the golden ratio.

After he finished taking the photos, Ye Wanwan took the phone and skimmed them with satisfaction. Then she walked toward Lin Que and Xie Zhezhi and picked Xie Zhezhi. “Best Actor Xie, can you please help us take a group photo?”

Xie Zhezhi accepted the phone and willingly agreed, “Of course, it’d be my honor.”

Lin Que had a gloomy cloud floating above his head and a resentful aura emitting from him…

Did I come here for a vacation or torture?

Today, Ye Wanwan and her family had a fun day while Lin Que and Xie Zhezhi had turned into photographers and dog food eaters.

In the end, even Xie Zhezhi couldn’t handle it anymore. Both of them decided they would never be curious again and would avoid them…

After they returned home that night:

Ye Wanwan combed through the photos and edited some before sending them all to Nameless Nie.

[Nie Hollow Pit: Ah! So adorable! My Empress Dowager will definitely like them!]

Also, the little devil was indulging in pleasure and forgot everything else! Truly too wonderful!

Ye Wanwan hesitated for a long time before sending Nameless Nie a message.

Ye Wanwan probed: [Is there any news of Tangtang’s parents yet?]

Nameless Nie replied to her immediately: [You don’t need to worry at all, Sister Famous Ye! I definitely won’t trouble you for too long! I have some leads already, so I believe I’ll have good news very soon!]

When Ye Wanwan saw Nameless Nie’s reply, she wasn’t too happy. I can’t relax at all, alright?! Why’s he acting so fast?!

[Ye Wanwan: You can take your time, no rush.]

[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister Famous Ye, believe me! I’ve really made major progress; I just can’t reveal the details to you. I guarantee! I guarantee I’ll pick up Tangtang within three months and won’t bother you any longer!]

“…” Ye Wanwan was about to be angered to death…

[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister Famous Ye, thank you so much for this! If it weren’t for you calming the little devil, I’m afraid he would be madly running all over the world by himself right now. If anything happened to the little devil, my parents would seriously kill me!]

Ye Wanwan listlessly responded: [No need to thank me. I like Tangtang quite a bit.]

[Nie Hollow Pit: I really don’t understand why you’d like that little devil…]

Upon seeing how Nameless Nie kept calling Tangtang a little devil, Ye Wanwan clenched her teeth in anger. [If you call my son a little devil again, I’ll take him to get a haircut in the first month of the lunar year!]

Nameless Nie answered with confusion: [Huh? Why does he have to have a haircut in the first month of the lunar year?]

Ye Wanwan fiercely typed back: [Getting a haircut in the first month of the lunar year will cause his uncle’s death!!!]

[Nie Hollow Pit: …]

Isn’t that too cruel…

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