Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1091 - Docile Great White

Chapter 1091: Docile Great White

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Ye Wanwan blinked. Hm, a simple order for his paw and he’ll give his paw? That’s impossible, right?

And then… in the next second, Ye Wanwan saw Great White’s furry and meaty paw extended toward her…

F***! That worked?!

No, no! This is such a good opportunity! I must touch it with my own hands!

Ye Wanwan first took off her costume before carefully reaching out to touch the furry paw.

Ah, it feels so good!

Also, Great White didn’t resist at all! He didn’t even roar or hiss at me!!!

I’m going to be moved to tears…

Speaking of which, why was the difference between people so great?

She had curried Great White’s favor for more than half a year and was only able to approach him now after feeding him beef for so long.

If she wanted to touch him, she had to find a fortuitous day and cleanse herself with a bath… And it all still depended on luck…

Yet Tangtang managed to do it with a single command.

“Can I touch the other paw too?” Ye Wanwan asked eagerly.

Tangtang nodded and said, “Great White, other paw.”

Great White immediately lifted his other paw.

Ye Wanwan: “…!!!”

He’s truly my son! Too awesome! Mommy’s very proud!

Ye Wanwan put forth another request immediately. “Can I pet him for three minutes? No no no, 10 minutes!”

This time, Tangtang didn’t agree as quickly. Instead, he had his head downcast as he murmured, “Can… can Mommy also pet Tangtang?”

When Ye Wanwan saw how the little fella had his head hanging down like an abandoned baby animal, she felt her heart exploding from the cuteness. She pulled the little fella into her arms. “Of course I can! Mommy likes Tangtang best!”

Tangtang pursed his lips and smiled again.

As Ye Wanwan hugged Tangtang, she couldn’t help but chuckle. Tangtang was too similar to Si Yehan—he got jealous of even Great White!

Ye Wanwan kept Tangtang in her arms as she asked, “Tangtang, do you like Mommy?”

“I like Mommy!” Tangtang nodded without any hesitation, earnest adoration brimming from his bright eyes.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and was in thought for a moment before she probed furtively, “Hm… do you like me because I’m your mommy?”

Maybe it was because she liked this child too much that she suddenly asked this question.

Did Tangtang like her because of her as a person, or did he like her because she was his mom?

Tangtang pondered over it and shook his head. “Tangtang liked Mommy the first time Tangtang saw Mommy.”

“The first time? Was it when you came to China to find me?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“No. It was the time I had a video call with Uncle. I… saw Mommy in the video…” As the little fella said this, his face blushed as though he was shy.

“Eh, really? You saw me back then?” Ye Wanwan was surprised.

The little fella looked quite cold in the video, but he surprisingly noticed her too?

“Yes, Mommy’s really pretty…” Tangtang nodded with confidence.

Ye Wanwan instantly held her face in happiness. Her son was really good with words, just like her!

Tangtang continued, “Later, Tangtang video-called Uncle several times in order to see Mommy… But Tangtang rarely saw Mommy… Tangtang really missed Mommy…”

When Ye Wanwan saw the little fella’s lonely expression, she felt a corner of her heart softening and aching.

Then the little fella turned to look at her with extremely bright eyes. “Later, Uncle told Tangtang you were Tangtang’s mommy! Tangtang just knew you were Tangtang’s mommy for sure!”

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