Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1090 - Mommy and Tangtang's hearts are linked

Chapter 1090: Mommy and Tangtang’s hearts are linked

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“Where’s Tangtang?” Ye Wanwan quickly asked.

Si Yehan: “In the forest.”

Ye Wanwan looked in the direction of Si Yehan’s finger and hurried to put on her bear head again. “I’m going to find Tangtang!”

Si Yehan: “Go on.”

The girl swiftly dashed off into the distance.

As Lin Que watched Ye Wanwan’s disappearing figure, he still looked amazed. “No wonder she has such a tight hold on Ninth Brother… I admit defeat…”

Then he turned to Si Yehan with suspicion. “Ninth Brother, don’t you think… Ye Wanwan’s transformation is too drastic?”

Si Yehan dryly said, “I don’t.”

Lin Que was surprised. “Huh? You don’t?”

Si Yehan’s eyes were fixed on the direction Ye Wanwan disappeared in. His face was aloof as he said, “She was like this all along.”

Lin Que was dumbfounded. “…”

Like this all along???

Are you serious, Ninth Brother…

Xie Zhezhi’s eyes glinted. After a moment of silence, he turned to Si Yehan and said, “Ah-Jiu, is your body… starting to recover?”

When Si Yehan heard Xie Zhezhi’s words, his expression darkened instantaneously.

Si Yehan’s body was clearly starting to recover, but he didn’t look happy in the slightest.

Lin Que thought of something and apprehension also crept onto his face. “Third Xie, are you saying that if the Independent State learns that Ninth Brother’s body recovered…”

Lin Que’s sentence cut off and he lightly coughed. “Ahem, they haven’t contacted him in so long, so they shouldn’t, right…?”

Xie Zhezhi shrugged. “Who knows what that person’s thinking…”

Some distance away, Ye Wanwan was running toward Tangtang.

“Baby, baby! The most cutest and most cleverest and most most lovable baby in the world! Can I hug you?” Ye Wanwan deepened her voice and intentionally asked in a foolish voice with her head tilted to the side.

When Tangtang saw the toy bear, he was startled briefly before rapidly sprinting toward the bear. “Mommy!!!”

Ye Wanwan was surprised and recovered her normal voice to ask curiously, “Ah, baby, how did you know it’s me?”

Si Yehan deducted it was her through logic, but how did Tangtang also recognize her at first glance?!

Tangtang hugged the bear’s legs and looked up. He joyously said, “Tangtang just knew it! Tangtang would recognize Mommy regardless of how Mommy looks!”

Ye Wanwan knelt down and hugged the little fella with her heart drowning in love. “Right right right, because Mommy and Tangtang’s hearts are linked!”

“Yes.” Tangtang nodded frantically.

“Mommy, you are really cute today!” Tangtang then complimented her wholeheartedly.

“Hehe, right, right? Does baby like it?” Ye Wanwan was incredibly satisfied.

“I like it!”

The mother and son were talking when Great White strolled over.

As soon as Ye Wanwan saw Great White, her eyes lit up! Great White also came!!!

Ye Wanwan quickly leaped in front of Slaughter. “Hahaha! Great Whitey, Great Whitey, can I hit on you?”


Ye Wanwan had just arrived in front of Great White when Great White released a mountain-shaking roar.

Ye Wanwan fell onto the ground butt-first out of fear from the roar.

So hurtful!!!

Tangtang swiftly ran over and protected Ye Wanwan behind him. “Great White! Don’t be mean! This is Mommy!”

The white tiger snorted but instantly stopped being mean.

Ye Wanwan never expected Great White to have a bane one day!

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted, and she pitifully turned to Tangtang. “Tangtang! Mommy really wants to touch Great White’s paws!”

Tangtang immediately looked at the tiger. “Great White, paw!”

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