Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1089 - He's my future husband

Chapter 1089: He’s my future husband

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Si Yehan: “…”

Lin Que was briefly startled before chortling. He looked at the girl in an animal costume with interest. “I say, sister… Isn’t your method of flirting a bit too… creative…?”

Which family did she come from? So amusing!

Ye Wanwan didn’t pay any attention to him and continued to excitedly extend her “bear paws” toward Si Yehan.

Lin Que hadn’t seen such an amusing girl in a while, so he couldn’t help but tease her, “Hey, sister, the one you’re hitting on already has a son running around everywhere. Why don’t you hit on me instead? I’m single!”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes behind her headpiece and said without any hesitation. “No thanks! You’re too ugly!”

As soon as Lin Que heard that, his eyes bulged out of their sockets. “D*mn! Wh-what did you just say? I’m ugly???”

Even though he wasn’t as good-looking as Si Yehan and Xie Zhezhi, he couldn’t be considered remotely ugly, right???

This was his first time being called ugly by a girl!

Also… why was this girl’s tone so familiar when she called him ugly?

When Si Yehan heard the toy bear’s voice, imperceptible happiness flitted in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Xie Zhezhi was cheerfully laughing near them. He glanced at Si Yehan then the toy bear. “Miss, do you know who he is? Yet you dare to hit on him?”

Words immediately shot out of Ye Wanwan’s mouth. “Of course I know who he is! He’s Si Yehan, my future husband!”

Xie Zhezhi: “…”

Lin Que: “…”

Lin Que was utterly stunned. “D*mn! Sister, your guts… are abnormally large!!!”

She knew he was Si Yehan but still had the nerve to flirt with him like this?!

Even Xie Zhezhi marveled about this. There was someone better at flirting than him? And that person was a girl?

Neither of them noticed the spreading gentleness in Si Yehan’s eyes…

Ye Wanwan toddled a few more steps closer to Si Yehan clumsily. “Little big brother, little big brother! Tell me! Can I hit on you?”

Si Yehan exasperatedly and indulgently glanced at her before extending his arms. “Come over here.”

Joy enveloped Ye Wanwan’s face, and she launched herself at him.

Si Yehan had his arms full, but he leaned forward to lay a gentle kiss on the bear’s head.

Lin Que and Xie Zhezhi were dumbstruck. What was going on?

“F*ck me! She actually succeeded?” Lin Que’s eyes were wide open.

Xie Zhezhi rubbed his chin, realization overcoming his expression.

Although Si Yehan was kissing the costume, Ye Wanwan felt it more intensely than a direct kiss on her skin. Her forehead inexplicably boiled with heat.

Si Yehan: “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t get here until the afternoon?”

“I finished ahead of time, so I came early!” Ye Wanwan asked with a grin, “How did you know it was me?”

Si Yehan squished her paws and stated matter-of-factly, “Who else would dare besides you?”

Ye Wanwan: “Oh. Ahem… fine…”

She couldn’t refute it all…

Si Yehan reached out and took off the bear head. Ye Wanwan’s little head was exposed in the next second.

The girl had her hair tied in a high bun and had a brilliant smile on her face. “Aren’t I especially cute?”

“Sh*t! You… Ye Wanwan!!!”

Lin Que’s surprised shout resounded nearby.

F*ck me! I knew it! It *was* this girl…

Xie Zhezhi glanced at the dumbfounded Lin Que and wryly asked, “Do you now understand why your ninth brother still hasn’t exploded yet?”

Lin Que: “I understand… I understand too well…”

This d*mn girl is too good at making someone happy!

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