Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1088 - Steal a child for some fun

Chapter 1088: Steal a child for some fun

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After Ye Wanwan had a long conversation with Instructor Lei and piled Gong Xu with instructions, she saw Luo Chen standing in a corner. She headed toward him.

“Brother Ye!” Luo Chen looked up as soon as he saw Ye Wanwan walking over.

“Luo Chen, I never have to worry about you, so I don’t have anything to tell you. Do your best, alright?” Ye Wanwan said.

Luo Chen was disappointed Ye Wanwan was always focused on Gong Xu and even promised to dress as a girl for him, but his disappointment completely disappeared when he heard her words. “Yes! I will, Brother Ye!”

After taking Gong Xu and Luo Chen to special training, Ye Wanwan’s workload finally eased up, allowing her more free time to play with Tangtang.

It was she who wanted to visit Sandalwood Villa but ended up making the father and son wait for a long time due to filming, so they only played for half a day before going home.

Ye Wanwan had an idea to make amends.

Si Yehan and Tangtang were already at the Sandalwood Villa. Ye Wanwan first returned to Little House of Rose to retrieve what she prepared and went to the villa with the VIP card Si Yehan gave her.

She didn’t immediately seek them out after she arrived. Instead, she secretly went to their room with her suitcase.

After entering the room, Ye Wanwan opened the suitcase and took out a giant bear costume.

Ye Wanwan put on the costume and looked at the giant charming and innocent bear in front of the mirror, incredibly satisfied.

I’m so adorable~

Hehe, Tangtang will definitely like it!

Meanwhile, next to the lake at Sandalwood Villa:

Si Yehan was sitting under the shade of a tree and fishing while Lin Que and Xie Zhezhi reclined on the deck chairs next to him.

In the nearby forest, Tangtang was playing with a giant white tiger. He was very well-behaved and didn’t cry or make a fuss.

Lin Que looked at the fishing Si Yehan before turning to the child playing with his pet. He sighed and said, “Isn’t there something wrong here?! You’re in the prime of your life and are supposed to be racing cars and partying and having fun, but you’re living a retired lifestyle of accompanying your wife and taking care of children, Ninth Brother! Yet, I actually find it quite nice? It makes me want to go steal a child for some fun!”

Xie Zhezhi glanced at him and wryly said, “Please spare the children.”

“Screw you! What about me? Even Ninth Brother can be a dad, so wouldn’t I be a great dad?” Lin Que glanced at his watch. “Why isn’t that girl here yet?”

Xie Zhezhi replied, “I think she’s taking her artists to the troops for special training, so it’ll take a while for her to come back.”

When Lin Que heard that, he cautiously glanced at Si Yehan before covertly whispering, “Third Xie, speaking of which, I don’t get it… How did that girl do it? All the artists under her are male, but Ninth Brother still hasn’t exploded even though she’s been having fun outside for so long?”

“Like that livestream last time! Not only did Ninth Brother not get angry, but he also gifted 10 yachts to him! I still don’t understand!”

Xie Zhezhi chuckled and raised his brows. “Is it that difficult to understand?”

Lin Que instantly retorted, “It’s absolutely incomprehensible, alright? Utterly strange!”

As Lin Que said that, he suddenly noticed a brown bear running toward them from the corners of his eyes…

Lin Que stared at the bear, dumbfounded. “What the heck is this? Who entered this place dressed like that???”

The person in the stuffed bear costume stopped in front of them.

Si Yehan noticed the bear from his peripheral vision and looked away from the lake toward the costumed person…

Ye Wanwan slightly altered her voice then she bypassed Lin Que and Xie Zhezhi and jubilantly bounced toward Si Yehan, “Little big brother, little big brother! Can I hit on you?”

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