Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1087 - Bite him to death

Chapter 1087: Bite him to death

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Ye Wanwan chuckled. “That’s right, I said it.”

“Can I take your word for it?” Gong Xu asked with uncertainty.

“When have I ever gone back on my word?”

Gong Xu finally believed it, and his listless appearance disappeared without a trace. He put his hands on his lips and recovered his arrogance. “Ahahaha! Not only can I see Little Candied Plum, but I can also see Brother Ye dressed as a girl! I will f*cking obtain Best Actor even if I lose my life!”

Ye Wanwan was speechless as she watched Gong Xu’s invigorated appearance.

Unsurprisingly, the chicken noodle soup method was useless against Gong Xu. She had to use special methods.

Whatever, I’ll dress as a girl! I was planning to tell Gong Xu the truth after this film finished shooting anyway.

Gong Xu eagerly dug out his phone and rushed to the company’s WeChat group to gloat about it before his phone was confiscated.

[Gong Xu: Hahahahahaha! Let me tell you, this young master is going to get Best Actor for sure! I’ll shred anyone who dares to steal it from me into pieces!]

[Dong Zai: Do your best, Brother Xu!]

[Xiao Qing: Brother Xu is awesome!]

[Han Xianyu: You’ve arrived?]

Looking at the time, they should’ve arrived at the location. Based on Han Xianyu’s understanding of Gong Xu, he would give up after arriving there, so why was he so excited instead?

[Gong Xu: Hahaha, we’ve arrived, we’ve arrived!]

[Ye Mufan: What’s wrong with you this time?]

When Ye Mufan saw Gong Xu going crazy again, he felt exasperated.

[Gong Xu: Hahaha, brothers! You should all hurry, go to a temple, light some incense and pray that I’ll get Best Actor! Brother Ye made a bet with me just now. He said he’ll dress as a girl if I get Best Actor!!!!!!]

The group was oddly quiet for a few seconds before it exploded all at once.

[Xiao Qing: Heavens! Really, really? Brother Ye will dress as a girl?]

[Dong Zai: Brother Ye is really staking everything…]

[Fei Yang: Hm, why are my expectations so high for some reason? This does deserve some incense lighting!]

[Screenwriter Xu Lin: Director Ye’s sacrifice is too great this time!]

[Ye Mufan: Ye Bai, are you crazy?!]

[Front Desk: Ahhhh! My god! Have we formed a group to light some incense yet?]

[Make-up Artist: Take me, take me!]

[Logistics: I also want to visit a temple with the group! I pray Baby Xu will get Best Actor! This is too thrilling!]

[Director Liu Qing: Take me as well, haha!]

[Leading Lady Lin Zishan: Gong Xu, don’t worry, I’ll worship you later!]

As Ye Wanwan led Gong Xu back to Instructor Lei, she chuckled at the animated discussion in the chat.

Luo Chen also saw the group conversation and was somewhat shocked. He didn’t expect Brother Ye to agree to this kind of request for Gong Xu, so he couldn’t help but feel some disappointment…

As soon as Gong Xu saw Luo Chen, he wrapped his arm around Luo Chen’s neck and dragged him to the side. “Hey Luo Chen, let’s talk!”

“What?” Luo Chen disdainfully pushed Gong Xu’s arm away.

Gong Xu plastered himself onto Luo Chen like superglue. “Don’t perform too fiercely while you’re acting when we get back! Go easy on me!”

Luo Chen glanced at him. “Why?”

Gong Xu acted matter of factly. “Don’t you want to see Brother Ye in female clothes?”

There was only one Best Actor award, so Luo Chen was considered a competitor as well!

Luo Chen subconsciously glanced at Ye Wanwan, who was talking to Instructor Lei before saying, “How silly.”

Gong Xu harrumphed. “You’re the silly one! You aren’t fun at all! I don’t believe you don’t want to see it in the slightest!”

Luo Chen ignored him and went to find a quiet corner.

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