Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1086 - Still a baby

Chapter 1086: Still a baby

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What’s happening?! Why’s my heart beating so fast?

Why do I feel like… I can’t pull my eyes away from Ye Bai…?

Why do I gladly want to be scolded a few more times even though I’m being pulverized…?

I’m afraid I’m going to turn gay…

No! No! I’m 100% straight! I’m straighter than steel! It must be because Ye Bai looks too similar to Little Candied Plum!

When Ye Wanwan saw that Gong Xu was lost in thought, she angrily kicked him. “Did you hear what I said?”

Sh*t! Why am I so happy even from being kicked…

Am I crazy???

Gong Xu muttered, “I won’t go!”

Veins protruded from Ye Wanwan’s forehead. “Fine! You won’t go, huh? Then I’ll find someone else to take your place!”

“Ah, no!!!” Gong Xu immediately latched onto Ye Wanwan’s moving calf. He grievously cried out, “Brother Ye, how could you do that?! Can’t you coax me more?”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. “How old are you? Why do you still need to be coaxed?”

Gong Xu: “I’m still a baby…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Gong Xu’s head was downcast, and he looked like a lost puppy. He knelt there and glanced up. “Brother Ye, what do you think I should do?”

Ye Wanwan immediately replied, “You should obediently start training and act in this film well!”

Gong Xu felt deceived. “You just wanted to trick me into rolling in the mud!”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. “Do you think it’s easy to get Best Actor? Shouldn’t you know better?”

“You only know how to treat me so badly… yet you’re so gentle with Luo Chen every time…” Gong Xu knew Ye Wanwan’s personality, so he didn’t dare to go overboard. So, he compromised and said, “I can obediently start training, but can I make a request?”

Ye Wanwan knew what he wanted to say with a look. “Don’t bother. You can’t see Little Candied Plum yet.”

This guy’s emotions were turbulent like a roller coaster. Who knew what he would do when he learned the truth?

Gong Xu promptly knelt on the ground, full of despair. “Will I never see Little Candied Plum in my life?”

Gong Xu buried his head between his knees and quietly mumbled, “I know. I know you’ve spent a lot of effort on me, Brother Ye. The only reason I was able to act in the first half of the film was because I was playing myself. However, in the second half… I know I can’t get Best Actor…”

“Ah… why did I say I would eat sh*t if I didn’t get Best Actor… Even wearing female clothes would be better…”

“Why didn’t you think about the consequences before you said that then?” Ye Wanwan was speechless.

Gong Xu: “Ah, it just came out of my mouth…”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Gong Xu and knew she still had to add some fuel.

Gong Xu liked to play games the most. Since it was like that…

Ye Wanwan’s gaze shifted. “How about this, let’s have a bet between the two of us too.”

Gong Xu looked at her immediately. “What bet?”

“If you lose and don’t get Best Actor, you crossdress,” Ye Wanwan said.

“And if I win?” Gong Xu promptly asked.

Ye Wanwan said without any hesitation, “If you win, then I will dress as a girl.”

Gong Xu’s eyes shot open. “D*mn! We’re going this far?”

“Do you accept the bet?” Ye Wanwan asked with raised brows when she saw Gong Xu’s enthusiasm.

Gong Xu stared at Ye Wanwan and imagined him dressed as a girl with a dazed expression. Then, his ears turned boiling red inexplicably.

Gong Xu rubbed his face and hastily returned to his senses. “I accept, I accept! If I win, you dress as a girl! You said it yourself!”

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