Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1093 - Tailored

Chapter 1093: Tailored

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[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister Famous Ye, I was wrong, I was wrong! I’m sorry! Anyway, don’t worry! I’ll find Tangtang’s parents ASAP!]

[Ye Wanwan: You don’t need to be in such a rush! Really!]

[Nie Hollow Pit: Sister Famous Ye, you don’t believe me? Three months, no, two months, no no no… I can find them in a month!]

Ye Wanwan quivered with anger. Where were this guy’s brains?

She was already being so direct about it, but he still didn’t understand!

Ye Wanwan hugged her pillow and laid on the bed, inwardly fuming with anger.

Forget about it… Even if Tangtang’s biological parents were found, it didn’t mean she wouldn’t see him ever again! She could still be his godmother!

Although she comforted herself like that, she could still feel her heart itching in all sort of ways when she thought about how Tangtang would become someone else’s son.

Ye Wanwan rolled around on the bed several times before she calmed down. She picked up the phone and started skimming through the entertainment news to distract herself.

At first, she was looking through the news casually, but then a piece of news piqued her interest…

Director Peng Yuanhu’s masterpiece Jasmine still hasn’t found a suitable leading actress after half a year of auditions. Director Peng stated he will start searching for new potential talents from the major theater schools…

“Ah… Peng Yuanhu… Jasmine…”

Ye Wanwan searched through her memories. This film did vaguely ring a bell.

Nothing needed to be said about Peng Yuanhu—everyone knew his name in the entertainment industry. Elder Peng was as weighty as Mt. Tai and was as brilliant as the Big Dipper in the film industry. Every film of his was a fine piece of work, and his arms overflowed with all sorts of awards domestically and internationally. He witnessed the entire history of the movie and television industry in China.

However… the fate of Peng Yuanhu’s Jasmine was full of trouble and misfortune.

Peng Yuanhu was a strict perfectionist and held extremely high standards for the quality of his work. Hence, he was unwilling to compromise about anything.

In her previous life, Peng Yuanhu couldn’t find the perfect female lead for two whole years, so the film kept being pushed back until Peng Yuanhu passed away.

From an entertainment article that Ye Wanwan read in her previous life, Peng Yuanhu expressed on his sickbed that being unable to film “Jasmine” was his biggest regret.

If Jasmine was successfully filmed back then, it definitely would’ve been another immortal classic.

Unfortunate, there was no “if”…

Thinking up to this point, Ye Wanwan was about to close the page when her fingers suddenly paused.


Who said there was an “if”?!

Ye Wanwan swiftly read the overall plot of Jasmine in the news article.

This movie was a period film. The female protagonist was a dancer. The change of an era in China was illustrated through the female protagonist, from vibrant youth to bloody wartime to peaceful epoch.

Ye Wanwan only speculated a bit to figure out the type of female lead Director Peng wanted.

First of all, the female lead must have a natural and pure appearance, preferably with a vintage look. It couldn’t be one of those plastic surgery faces that littered the streets.

However, she couldn’t be too beautiful. For example, someone like Ye Wanwan herself wouldn’t fit the character.

Also, the female lead had to have a solid dance background. Finally, there was the acting itself. After all, there was a large leap between the beginning and the ending of this film. The female lead had to progress from a youth to a senior and live through an entire era, so she definitely couldn’t do it without adept acting skills.

After Ye Wanwan ran through these requirements, a candidate instantly surfaced in her mind.

Jiang Yanran…

With that thought, Ye Wanwan sprang up from the bed. The more she thought about it, the more suitable she found Jiang Yanran.

She previously didn’t sign Jiang Yanran on partially because she wanted Jiang Yanran to learn her fundamentals first. It was also because their company hadn’t been able to obtain suitable scripts for her with their current capabilities and resources.

For example, A Life and Death Struggle was a film focused on the male protagonists, and the female protagonist had very little screen time, so it didn’t suit her.

However, Jasmine was simply tailored for Jiang Yanran…

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