Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1062 - The instinct of a wild animal

Chapter 1062: The instinct of a wild animal

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Han Xianyu calmly said, “Answer with the truth and say we’re platonic friends.”

Ye Wanwan nodded in approval. “The media will just go crazy for a few days and won’t find any new information. The furor will pass in a week at most.”

Gong Xu immediately asked, “What if they do find new information?”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. “Then I’d like to see which media outlet has the capability to dig out this information!”

This is freaking me in my female clothes, alright? Where could they find me?

Han Xianyu lightly coughed. “*Cough*, what Ye Bai means is that we’re really platonic friends, so there isn’t anything interesting to find.”

When Gong Xu heard that, disappointment filled his face. “What? You’re really only platonic friends? How boring…”

As Gong Xu pressed for more information, he diligently flipped through the related gossip. Suddenly, a photo in one of the gossip articles caught his attention, and his voice abruptly halted. Even his expression changed.

“This is…” Gong Xu shot up.

Ye Wanwan detected something wrong with Gong Xu’s expression, and her heart skipped a beat.

“Little Candied Plum! This is my Little Candied Plum!” Gong Xu exclaimed in shock as he fervently stared at one of the profile shots. Then he swiftly pounced on Han Xianyu. “Han Xianyu! What the hell is going on?! Why were you with my Little Candied Plum? You know Little Candied Plum?”

Ye Wanwan was utterly shocked.

What kind of eyes did Gong Xu have? They were merely photos of her back and profile! Even her actual brother, Ye Mufan, didn’t recognize her from the photos, so how in the world did he recognize her?

Han Xianyu was evidently surprised as well and subconsciously looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her temples and said, “Gong Xu, calm down. Don’t jump to conclusions from such limited evidence! How can you recognize someone from a back photo?”

Gong Xu: “My instincts!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

He truly had the instincts of a wild animal!

Ye Wanwan: “If it’s Little Candied Plum, wouldn’t I be able to recognize her?”

When he heard that, Gong Xu was at a loss for words…

After all, Ye Bai was Little Candied Plum’s brother. Since he said it wasn’t her…

“It really isn’t?” Gong Xu remained suspicious.

“It isn’t!” Ye Wanwan replied with conviction.

Gong Xu: “…”

Ye Wanwan sighed with relief. Thankfully, Gong Xu was easy to deceive.

Gong Xu pitifully begged, “Brother Ye, considering how my mind has gone unhinged from longing for Little Candied Plum so much, can’t you let me see her just once?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Gong Xu. “I can.”

Gong Xu was startled briefly before disbelief filled his face. “Brother Ye, are you for real?”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “If you can get Best Actor at the Golden Orchid Awards, I’ll let you see her.”

When Han Xianyu heard that, he reflexively glanced at Ye Wanwan.

Gong Xu instantly shot off like an arrow toward Ye Wanwan in joy. “Oh! Brother Ye, I love you too much…”

Gong Xu was about to pounce onto Ye Wanwan.

Ye Mufan had already established a habit of watching Gong Xu carefully, so when he saw that, he quietly cursed and hurried to block Gong Xu.

However, he didn’t expect someone to act faster than him.

Han Xianyu had already extended his arm to block Gong Xu.

“Eh? Brother Xianyu, what are you doing?” Gong Xu was very displeased.

Han Xianyu said with a faint smile, “It’s nothing. I just wanted to ask you where you had your hair done today.”

“Oh, hahaha. Isn’t it especially handsome? Let me tell you, in order to set an appointment with that hairstylist, I had my assistant ask him three months in advance. It’s that…”

Gong Xu’s attention was instantly deterred, and he started talking non-stop about his new hairstyle. He didn’t notice how strange Han Xianyu’s change of topic was at all.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her forehead, speechless…

It appeared that being forgetful was a good thing too…

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