Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1063 - Then you're super awesome

Chapter 1063: Then you’re super awesome

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After the meeting ended, Ye Mufan pulled Ye Wanwan to the side to talk.

Ye Mufan: “Right, Wanwan, there’s something…”

Ye Wanwan: “What is it?”

Ye Mufan said, “About Han Xianyu’s scandal, you should find a time and talk to him about it. I feel like there’s something off with his behavior today. If he hid something from us and doesn’t have a platonic friendship with that woman, we might get into some trouble…”

When Ye Wanwan heard this, her lips twitched. “Don’t worry. He’s hiding something from us, but it really isn’t what you think it is. They’re just friends.”

Ye Mufan: “How do you know?”

After all, it was too common for celebrities to hide their relationships from their agencies, so they couldn’t say that with certainty no matter how amicable their relationship was.

Ye Wanwan: “Because the woman in that photo is me, your sister…”

“Huh?” Ye Mufan was completely dumbfounded, and he took half a day to react. He emotionally asked, “Wait… you’re saying your identity got exposed?!”

Ye Wanwan had no choice but to explain the entire matter.

Realization dawned on Ye Mufan. “No wonder… no wonder Han Xianyu blocked Gong Xu faster than me today! I have to say, Han Xianyu is truly a good person…”

Ye Mufan suddenly remembered something and quickly asked, “He didn’t react after learning about this?”

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. “How could he not react? However, the good thing is that Han Xianyu has a calmer personality than the other two. If it were either of them instead, the outcome would be more unpredictable…”

Ye Wanwan then suspiciously asked, “Why aren’t you asking me about what I promised Gong Xu earlier?”

She told Ye Mufan the story behind “Little Candied Plum,” so Ye Mufan knew she was the one Gong Xu had been searching for and kept a tight guard against Gong Xu.

She promised Gong Xu in the meeting today that she would let him see Little Candied Plum if he got the Best Actor award, but Ye Mufan didn’t seem to have any qualms about that.

“Ask what? It’s not like Gong Xu can get Best Actor anyway!” Ye Mufan looked as if that went without saying.

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Ah, so that’s what he was thinking…

In reality, she thought Gong Xu’s potential was quite high. If he worked hard this time, she did really plan on fulfilling his wishes since she wanted to find a suitable opportunity to tell him the truth regardless.

“Oh, right. Wanwan, the date of Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze’s engagement banquet has been set. Grandfather and Grandmother want our parents and us to attend,” Ye Mufan didn’t look too pleased when he said that. “If you don’t want to go, I can let them know. You don’t need to go.”

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. “I’m going. It’s a good opportunity to improve Grandfather and Grandmother’s opinions of me, so why wouldn’t I go? Since Grandfather and Grandmother are allowing Father and Mother to go as well, it means they’re softening their stance toward our parents. It’s a good sign.”

Ye Mufan knitted his brows. “It’s the engagement banquet of two pieces of scum. Won’t you feel disgusted when you go?”

Ye Wanwan smiled. “Disgusted? Who knows who the disgusted one will be?”

Then Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Mufan. “The second branch probably can’t hold back anymore and is anxious to attack… You haven’t caused any trouble outside lately, right?”

She was afraid they would get some dirt on Ye Mufan again. Everything they had done would be ruined if that was the case.

Ye Mufan immediately protested indignantly, “Hey hey hey, is your brother like that? You already warned me, so how would I dare to cause any trouble?! Last time, a woman threw herself at me and got into my car naked, but I didn’t even get in, alright?!”

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. “So good of you…”

Ye Mufan: “I have been since the beginning!”

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