Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1061 - Such an awful friend

Chapter 1061: Such an awful friend

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“Pfff—” Fei Yang spat out the water he was drinking. “What are you saying?”

Luo Chen also looked at Han Xianyu in shock.

Even Ye Wanwan was surprised.

If the subject of this piece of gossip was “Gong Xu” instead, she could understand it since that was incredibly normal.

However, Han Xianyu?

Han Xianyu’s new relationship, exposed?

If she had to list male celebrities with the cleanest record in the entertainment industry, Han Xianyu would definitely be one of them.

He only had one girlfriend since he started his career and didn’t waver at all. They broke up because the girl cheated on him with some wealthy businessman.

Even so, Han Xianyu never said anything negative about her in any public settings.

It was the girl who deliberately said misleading things after Han Xianyu’s scandal to freeload off his fame. She misguided the public into thinking Han Xianyu was a pedophile and nearly caused Han Xianyu to meet his demise…

Ever since then, there hadn’t been any romance-related news published about Han Xianyu and he even distanced himself from any romance-related rumors.

Just which female celebrity managed to be implicated in a relationship rumor with Han Xianyu?

With that thought in mind, Ye Wanwan’s interest was piqued and she quickly clicked the entertainment article Gong Xu posted in the group chat.

However, Ye Wanwan saw a very clear photo of the backs of a man and a woman under the headlines on the front page.

The man was Han Xianyu and the woman was actually… actually herself?!

Ye Wanwan nearly choked on her own spit.

Sh*t! Wasn’t this from the day she ran into Han Xianyu at the shopping center?

When did someone take a photo of them without them knowing?

Ye Wanwan kept scrolling down. Thankfully, the photographer didn’t get any photos from the front and only got their backs and a few profile shots.

Then she rapidly skimmed the contents of the article. It turned out the photo was leaked from a fan of Han Xianyu. A fan managed to recognize Han Xianyu based on his back and the clothes he was wearing, so she took these photos when she saw Han Xianyu shopping with a girl…

Gong Xu accused him heatedly: “Brother Xianyu, you’re such an awful friend! How could you deceive us after getting into a relationship?!”

Han Xianyu rubbed his temples and reflexively glanced at Ye Wanwan, an exasperated expression appearing on his face.

He never would’ve expected someone to take a photo of them that day.

This was too big of a blunder…

“Brother Xianyu, tell me honestly! Who is that girl? Liu Yinyin? Fu Xue? Chen Xiaochu? Could it be… D*mn! Could it be Qiao Kexin?”

The corners of Han Xianyu’s lips twitched. “…”

Tell him the truth?

Could I possibly say the girl in the picture is my good brother, Ye Bai, who’s sitting with us?

Ye Wanwan also had a throbbing headache. She considered every possibility but never would’ve expected herself to dig her grave there.

It’d probably be useless even if I crippled my knees from kneeling on a washboard…

Han Xianyu looked at the wildly invigorated Gong Xu. “Don’t make wild guesses. It’s not what you think.”

Gong Xu’s eyes brightened. “Then what is it? What is it, what is it, what is it? Tell me!”

Fei Yang looked sullen. “How should we respond?”

Xianyu refused to tell him the identity of the girl and her relationship to him, so he was in a panic himself!

“Brother Yang, could it be that you also didn’t know about this?” As soon as Gong Xu heard that, he became even more astonished. Luo Chen also expressed his curiosity, a rare occasion.

With Fei Yang’s abilities, if he knew who that girl was and her relationship to Han Xianyu, he could immediately make the most suitable response statement. However, Fei Yang was hesitant, which meant he probably also hadn’t known about this article.

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